Today was a hungry day. In my previous What I Eat In A Day I was still feeling off colour and my appetite wasn’t behaving normally. Today though, it seemed to be back with a vengeance.

So what did I eat today?


So, having popped into Morrisons early this morning for some bits and bobs, I may have snaffled a 3 and a half syn pack of skips on the way home… then, when the hunger pangs began I opted for 40g of Porridge made up with water, a little sweetener, a mashed banana and topped with strawberries and raspberries. Refreshing, fruity and delicious.

Slimming World - What I Eat In A Day


Lunch today was two Tesco Pork and Herb Patties. I really like these as they taste like McDonald’s Sausage meat. You know, the ones they use in their McMuffins. Mmmmm. I topped this with two eggs and some fried tomatoes. I admit it would have been better to have grilled the patties and not cook the tomatoes in the pattie residue… but I patted everything dry and then added it to the plate.

Slimming World - What I Eat In A Day


Although I had a full feeling from lunch, I found that I wasn’t feeling satisfied and found myself looking for something more. To curb the craving I opted for some mango, raspberries and strawberries with sweetened Quark.


Today I tried something new! Turkey Pizza Melts with salad and cajun wedges. To make this I adapted a recipe that I found on Trim With Tan. I only really adapted it because it was late in the day and I didn’t have the relevant ingredients but it was really tasty and has definitely left me wanting to make it again. I mentioned in my recent Aldi Food Shopping Haul that I think I am going to try the recipe with pork loin medallions next time.

Slimming World - What I Eat In A Day

And so with a final total of 10.5 syns (3.5 for skips, 5 for the two patties at lunch and then a final two for the milk I have used in cups of tea).

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