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Having been impressed with some very budget friendly products, I decided it might be a good idea to see how ‘cheaply’ I could put together a full face of decent makeup. So, I set about my makeup collection and pulled together some favourites, both old and new.

It may seem obvious but to me, ‘decent’ makeup is a product that I go back to. Because I want to and because I have enjoyed it. Thus, each of the products in this post meets that standard. Surprisingly, the combined total of the products came to around £28 which I found impressive. There are, of course, more steps that one could add. However, for me, this is a full face of makeup and gives me the perfect daily makeup to go about my business whilst feeling confident.

A number of these products were purchased recently either in my Affordable Beauty Haul or in my Autumnal Primark Haul. Happily, each of the purchases has proved pleasing which is a bonus!

The Products Comprising a Full Face for Under £30:

For more information on some of these products, check out these reviews:

MUA Skin Define Review (Features Matte Perfect Foundation)

MUA Blush Review

W7 Eye Product Review (Features ‘In The City’)

What are your go-to affordable budget beauty products? Have you found any gems recently?

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