Hello everyone and welcome to my November full-time blogging update. 3 months in and time for a little reflection. So grab a brew, get comfy and let’s see where things are.

Just before we dig in, if you fancy catching up on my previous full-time blogging content, you can check out my earlier blog posts by clicking here. Alternatively, you can access the Youtube playlist by clicking here.

Get Organised


Firstly, how has three months passed already? I know many of us feel that as we get older time speeds up, but woah!

My most prominent thought is how happy I am in life now. There are stressful things in my life and that will forever be the case in one form or another. At the moment though, work isn’t something that contributes to that. I realise this may change as time moves on and I begin to reach the end of my budgeted time, but that is not something that is immediately on the cards.


One of the things that hasn’t played out is time for my friends and family. I thought I would have more time to spend with others as I can now dictate my work times, but actually, all that happens is that I work more. Of course, I know that life is what you make it but I find I spend all of my time doing life things (cooking, chores etc) and working. I don’t work 24/7 but I could.

With this type of work, there is always something more that you can do. Those that aren’t in this line of work just have no idea what goes on behind the scenes, but then you could say that about lots of professions. I am also aware that I can spend too much time on minor details. Elements such as fonts and designs, although important factors aren’t drivers when it comes to making progress.

The Community

Something that occasionally pops into my mind a little is how slowly things are progressing. Alongside that is the meteoric rise of others around me. Often you read posts about not comparing yourself, and I wholeheartedly agree. We are all on individual journeys and doing different things. Interestingly, I haven’t been feeling particularly negative about this, not consciously anyway, I just want to understand more about why. Things are a little different for me because I make a YouTube video for almost all of my posts. This means that each piece of content takes additional time and means the promotion of different formats. Perhaps this is something I need to reconsider.


One of the things I know I haven’t been doing is interacting with the community much and I think this has impacted in a number of ways. Of course, engaging with others gets you noticed and this is something I haven’t prioritised. This has also made me feel a little isolated and I would love to talk to other bloggers and YouTubers about their experiences, new things they are trying and things that have gone well and not so well. I have been a more active on Twitter in the last few weeks and I have really enjoyed it so is something I will definitely continue with. I really like the twitter chats and the topics can be very engaging. However, I need to set more alarms to remind me of them. I keep finding myself engrossed in work and then the chats are well underway.

So those are my main points for now and that’s where things are at the moment. Lots of good stuff going on and feeling very positive about life. However, there is much for me to still learn. Happily, I cannot wait! And the first step is to get on the Blogmas train which will help me to continue to learn and develop the way I do things. See you on December 1st with a lovely Christmassy post to kick things off!

Just in case you are interested, find out a little extra information about me by checking out my 25 Facts about me post which can be found here.

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Full-time Blogging - 3 Month Update



    1. Thank you Lena! I am very grateful to be doing this full-time, just hope I can make it viable for future so that I can continue!

    1. Absolutely! Getting more involved in Twitter has certainly put me in touch with lots of new people doing similar things. Lighting is definitely an issue as you say though, even doing this full-time. Really means I have to be organised with my time so that I can make the best use of the daylight hours. it’s getting dark as I write this!

    1. If you can find a way to do it then I highly recommend it. There are downsides but then there is with everything in my experience. Definitely more pros than cons!

  1. I find it interesting reading these kind of posts and seeing how other bloggers are doing. Thank you for sharing your true thoughts!


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