Glam Glow Dupes – Aldi Lacura vs Primark

Are you into face masks? Everyone else seems to be! I tend to use mud masks when I get into the bath. I like to layer the mask on with a brush, leave it for the recommended time and then use some water to loosen the mask and massage it into my skin.

Just putting it out there, I am yet to experience the real Glam Glow so can only go on research material that I have found. I am also kicking myself a little having seen it half price in Marks & Spencer a while back.

However, I have been testing out these two products so can provide first-hand experience of how these masks perform.

From my research I know that Glam Glow contains a good number of natural ingredients, is dark in colour, has large exfoliation particles and gives that tingly rejuvenation feel once applied.

As a little context, my skin is a little on the sensitive side but mostly behaves itself and reacts well to products. So, onto the more affordable options:


Primark/Penney’s PS Love… to Glow Mask


The pot contains 50ml of product and, since this purchased, I believe the mask has been repackaged but the product remains the same. It has a fresh, somewhat spa-like scent and one applied has no tingle.

I have been using this mask for a while and I tend to end up adding an extra layer. The mud applies thinly and seems to disappear a little with just the one application. Adding a second layer is plenty though and gives you that feeling of a satisfactory coating.

Glam Glow Dupes - Aldi Lacura vs Primark

More mud-like in texture than clay, this mask darkens as it dries. When it comes to the exfoliation part, I added water to loosen the product and massage the product over my skin. The mask certainly includes tiny particles to exfoliate but it is really quite gentle.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much when I purchased this product but I have been pleasantly surprised. After using this mask my skin feels lovely. Smooth, soft, clean and fresh.

So, I did a little research and is it a dupe? It would seem not no. Too many reported differences, however, is it a nice mask to use and worth the £3 price tag? Absolutely in my opinion.


Aldi Lacura Exfoliating Mud Mask


The packaging is similar to Glam Glow but with a Lacura spin and offering an Exfoliating Mud Mask for radiance. Dermatologically tested, the mask includes clay and extracts of green tea witch hazel and red algae. All sounding very spa-like and lovely so far but it warns not to use on sensitive skin.

This mud has a thicker but more pliable consistency than the Primark version and is easier to manipulate. Be prepared for the tingle though, this tingles… A LOT. To the point that I actually felt like I had brain freeze.  The mask also rigorously tightens as it dries.

The particles in this mask are bigger and more robust than those in the Primark mask and are certainly harsher on the skin. The mask loosens with water and massages into the skin well. However, be a little gentle until you become accustomed to the feel of it, as you may find this to be a little abrasive. The packaging does recommend only using 1-2 times a week and I can see why.

A dupe? Well, from the few articles I found that directly compare this one to Glam Glow products, people are absolutely thrilled to have found this budget alternative due to a large number of similarities and positive results. For me, I think it is worth the price tag and probably my preferred choice from the two. However, if I am feeling like my skin needs more of a gentle touch, the Primark mask certainly provides the TLC I need.

Have you tried any of these masks? What are our thoughts?

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