In my last video called ‘being mindful‘, I talked about mindfulness, and how being mindful is a way to train our emotional resilience. This, in turn, helps us to stay happy. One of the tips I mentioned was to notice the little things and as for me, happiness is… loving the little things, here are some of the little things that I love.

As a sulky teenager, I used to think ‘big deal’ about many things. To me, it was only bigger occasions that warranted excitement and fuss. It was almost like it was embarrassing to feel excited about things, I needed to be cool and take it all in my stride. *Rolls eyes*

As an adult, the obstacles in the way of noticing the little things are still there, they are just different. Rather than an immature attitude, we can feel put upon and stressed from work or personal circumstances, tired of the routine and the pressures of life, so we try to fit more and more in each day in an effort to feel better about achieving. It seems normal these days to try to fit that superwoman, or man, persona, but does that equal happiness? Not for me. Multi-tasking usually means we pay less attention to any one thing.

These days, smaller, more insignificant things can really help to brighten my day and keep me feeling positive and appreciative. I found that, once I began to feel the effects of noticing the smaller things, I wanted to experience more. Although I think age and maturity play a big part in this, I have actively focused on training my brain in this way.

As time has gone on I have realised that, for me, it is easy to slip into old habits and I can easily fall back into negative thinking or over-thinking. It is a simple concept when you consider that focusing on the bad leads to feeling bad, focus on the good and you feel good. It isn’t always as simple as that, but it’s a start.

So, some time ago, I made a commitment to myself to make more of the smaller things and providing regular reminders to my brain in that way helps to keep it on course. So these are some of the little things I like to include in my life, to help me stay mindful.


A sunset or sunrise

I don’t often see a sunrise or sunset and when I do, they often don’t last long. Taking the time to appreciate the beautiful display of colours can be mesmerising. This beautiful scene was taken just a 10 minute walk from my house and is #nofilter.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are beautiful and having some around can really make your day feel brighter and put a little smile on your face. Of course, receiving flowers is wonderful, but in the absence of a gift, I can confidently recommend flowers from Aldi. For as little as £2 you can buy a little bunch of bright fresh, colourful stems to liven up your surroundings. The lasting power is usually pretty good too!

Happiness is... the little things - Fresh Flowers

Flavoured coffee at home

I normally have boring old tea and coffee. It’s not always boring, 90% of the time it’s what I like, but just on the odd occasion, I fancy something a little different. Flavoured coffee helps me out with that. Whether plain, iced down into a refreshing cooler or jazzed up with whipped cream and dusted with chocolate, it is different and makes a change to sit down and enjoy. If you’re interested in finding some tasty flavours, my Beanies Coffee review might help. I have found some firm favourites within this range which can be purchased from their website.

Happiness is... the little things - Flavoured Coffee


Whether perched on a sunshine bathed step or lunch al fresco, a few minutes in the sunshine can really perk me up. Bear in mind this is the perspective of a UK resident who works full time so I don’t get to appreciate much sun.

Happiness is... the little things - Sunshine

Breakfast in bed

Either through getting up a little earlier or making the most of a weekend, snuggling back in bed with breakfast and your favourite cuppa can be heavenly.



Ok, so you can stop and listen, but you can also walk and listen. One of the things I love to do is listen to music or talk to someone whilst I’m walking to a destination, but doing so means I miss out. For a change, listen to the world and pay attention to those things going on around you. Hear the sounds of nature or the discussion of two friends as you pass by. You never know what might make you smile.


When it comes to the little things, it is good to do one thing at a time, stop and take the time to appreciate them; savour them. I don’t always get it right; I still watch tv when eating and I use the internet when on the phone. Sometimes I forget. But I’m trying and it is making a difference.

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Happiness is... loving the little things

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