What I Eat In A Day – Episode 2 – Slimming World

Hello everyone and welcome to another What I Eat In A Day! Today the focus is on Slimming World so some of the food consumed may not be suitable for followers of a low fodmap lifestyle.

Excitingly, today’s post is in collaboration with Toni from This Mama. Toni and I are both on Slimming World so we thought we would team up! Hopefully, our individual What I Eat In a Day posts will give you some inspiration and ideas to support your own healthy living.

Guys, if you haven’t come across it already, Toni’s blog is beautiful! I love her meal plan posts for inspiration, and her recipes and images are fab.  She even had me drooling over her pea and ham soup picture and if you know me, you know I hate peas. Yuk.

So, today. What did I eat?


Oops. Something I had=ve done a few times recently (and I absolutely DO NOT recommend it!) is forgetting about breakfast. Being ill over New Year and struggling to get my mojo back in terms of work means that I have been trying hard to get back into the swing. Somewhat unconsciously this has happened and I keep finding myself engrossed in work until lunchtime with just tea and coffee to keep me going. As contradictory as it sounds as I keep doing it, I hate doing this. Not eating three sensible meals a day means that I end up using all of my remaining syns in the evening on sweets and chocolate. Not the end of the world when I stay within the allowance, but still something that doesn’t happen when I am on track with my food plan and intake.



Today I opted for a delicious jacket potato. One of my favourite lunches. Yes I work from home and it is easy for me to make a cooked lunch. However, sandwich bars will often offer jacket potatoes with cheese (no butter for me) and salad. A little red onion goes particularly well in my book. I used to buy jacket potatoes from the sandwich bar across the road when working in my previous role, so there are take-out options at a push.


Fruit and yoghurt. Today I sliced up a banana and some strawberries and covered it in a tasty coconut flavoured Muller Light Greek Style yoghurt for half a syn. Really tasty when you need a sweet snack and filling too.



Mayflower Curry time! I love Mayflower Curry so to have a regular Curry Club night each week is great. Today Chicken was on the menu. I have a couple of Mayflower Curry recipes on the blog and should you wish to find out more, you can do so by clicking this link: Mayflower Curry recipes

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