DVD declutter time. I have been looking forward to this! I rarely watch DVDs these days and I can’t wait to create some space! Ooh, exciting! Check out the declutter here!

Although I have seen far bigger DVD collections, mine has been a work in progress for a long, long time. I say that as if it has been carefully curated. No. Mostly I can’t even remember where many of these items came from. Lots have been received as gifts for birthdays and Christmas over the years, some free for a reason I can’t recall, and others I vaguely remember buying them when they were on sale, just because I liked them. And so, this is what the before looks like. Or so I thought…

For the last few years, two locations have housed my DVD collection. One of the lounge unit cupboards secretly stored a load of them and the others have been stashed away in a cardboard box in my spare room wardrobe. Having finally brought everything together in recent declutters (spare room and lounge unit) I can now tackle the collection as a whole. A big part of the declutter is consideration of my Friends DVD collection. These take up so, so much room! Other than these and my Sex & City collection, mostly the rest are individual films.

The Result

After filming the majority of the video, I happened across some more DVDs to consider! Happily, I stayed somewhat ruthless and stuck to my guns.  And the result? A far smaller collection of my ultimate faves with a few sentimental items thrown in.

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