Hello and welcome to another declutter. It is time to take a look through my jewellery collection with a view to reducing it significantly.

My collection consists of necklaces, earrings (some dangly, some studs), rings and also a basket of bracelets. Many of these items are very old now and have remained unworn for a long time. So what’s the point in keeping all of this clutter? There is none!

The declutter did take much longer than expected and so the jewellery declutter has been split into two.


The first stage of the declutter focusses on necklaces.

I keep my necklaces on hangers I found in Primark. The hangers have hooks on and have been really handy in keeping my collection tidy. Hung in my wardrobe, they haven’t bothered me too much in terms of clutter, but there are so many that it does take up quite a lot of space. Having purchased the hangers, my necklaces were organised. I had one hanger for the longer necklaces and another for the shorter ones. At some point along the way, things merged a bit and my attempts at keeping them organised in this way failed. So this is what they looked like before the declutter!

This isn’t actually the full collection, to see the extent, check out the video where I will also show the end result!

For more decluttering, check out my YouTube Playlist or the decluttering section of my blog!

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