Konmari Declutter Series – Shoes, Boots & Slippers

Following a week of feeling at death’s door, I am back and ready to continue decluttering. Today is the turn of my shoes and boots. In addition, there are some slippers to consider which makes for a relatively long declutter. So much so, I have had to split it into two!


Shoes were once a love of my life. As I mentioned in my Scarves and Belts declutter I used to treat myself to scarves shoes and handbags rather than clothes whilst I pursued on my everlasting attempts at losing a little bit of weight. I get my love of shoes from my mum. She is also partial to the odd handbag but in no way rivals me and my scarf addiction. As time has meandered on and my feet have wearied along the journey, comfort has certainly become more predominant. Yet another sign if getting old(er) I know. But I still love little pumps. Comfy and cute, these can jazz and dress up any outfit. Unfortunately, I find it difficult to let go of items that have served me well and supported my feet over the miles. As a result, my shoe collection has become rather tatty and somewhat embarrassing. It’s time for a clearout.


I also rather love boots. Whether ankle height or knee length, worn over jeans is my favourite way. Dressed like this, I feel cosy, safe and secure in cold, wet weather and as there is usually only a little heel, the combo is usually pretty comfy. Perfect.


I didn’t think I had that many slippers. This was the reason I chose not to declutter my slippers in a separate video. It seems I was mistaken. Although not a vast collection, I stumbled across way more than I thought I had. I don’t actually wear slippers that often and I find myself being a bit picky. I like them to fit properly and stay on for one thing. Lots of mine don’t and so they need to go.

How did I get on? Check out the video to find out!

And that is part one! Check back tomorrow for more decluttering of my shoes and boots and slippers! Or for more right now, check out my YouTube Decluttering Playlist.

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