Did you see part one of this declutter from yesterday? If not, check it out here. Today I am back with part two and we have more shoes, boots and slippers to declutter! Woohoo! Check out the video to see how I got on.

In this section of the declutter, I felt like I kept more but I didn’t feel that I had upset the balance of the declutter. I still want to remain practical and realistic and I accept the there may need to be future declutters to reduce my collection further. Still, the aim of this life declutter is about removing the unnecessary and creating space. Although minimalism is a goal, it isn’t about seeing how minimalist I can be.


The overall result has been very satisfying. Although I feel like my collection has changed and I am now bereft of many of my old favourites, I am not against purchasing replacements. Of course, I am only interested in sensible shopping. I don’t want to return to a position where I have lots of shoes hanging around that aren’t very comfortable and I only ‘might’ wear them one day. So with a new focus, there will be no panic buying and I will hold out until I find the right pairs to compliment my collection rather than going for more of the same.

For more decluttering videos, check out my YouTube Decluttering Playlist.


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