Hello everyone, I am back with the third and final part of my shoe declutter! I mentioned in my first shoe, boots & slippers declutter that I had a pair of shoes in the back of my car that I needed to sort through. And then I forgot. So, here we are dedicating a post to this collection of heels. Check out the video to see the declutter!

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Back in 2017, when I made the decision to leave my job and embark on a new adventure working from home, I had a set collection of heels that I used to wear to work. Most of my time was spent sitting behind a desk but I would also be out and about at meetings. In the earlier days, I would often bin a pair of heels that had seen better days and replace them with something new. Usually from, Peacocks or Primark. However, as the fashions changed I found that I rarely came across the style if shoes I was after. Thus, as time moved on, the quality of my collection dwindled. And then I made the decision to leave.

Knowing I would have less need for heels in future, I stopped looking for replacements. However, as the leaving date edged closer, I found myself getting dressed each morning with a growing discomfort over the shoes I was wearing. The heels were wearing thing and the material scratched and fraying. The general wear and tear was taking its toll but I didn’t want to buy more. So, I made them last until 31 August when life changed. At that point, I sorted through my shoes and slung the heels into a bag in the boot of my car. Of course, I had plans to declutter them, I just didn’t get around to it. And then, of course, there is that other forgotten pair, buried at the back of the wardrobe. How could I forget those that had brought me so many compliments in the past!

Still, we are here now and the declutter has taken place.


So, in this third and final part of my shoe declutter, progress has been made. To only keep three of the best is a good move I feel. And with one of the previously kept heels (see video here) now leaving the collection due to the retention of one of these, I am feeling good about the space created and the standard of those shoes left behind.


Are you considering a shoe declutter? Take my advice and go for it!

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