I don’t have a huge book collection but it is one that requires a review. There are many that sit tucked away in the darkness without much hope of being opened. As they say, one (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure, so why not move these on to better homes.

Bookwise, I used to read a lot. A lot. I used to work in a library if you didn’t know. One of the perks of that job, of course, was access to the books 5 days a week. So I would often read. I love to read, but these days I have less time to do so and find myself occupying my free time in different ways. It is a shame and I would like to read more. My kindle is awash with books that I haven’t yet started. Another side effect of our evolving lifestyle is the move to virtual books. I’m not complaining, I love my kindle, it just means that my book collection is much smaller than it once was and has a non-fiction majority.  Still, many of my books were drawn out from the depths in both my Spare Room Cupboard Declutter and my Lounge Unit Declutter. Both if these posts are available in the declutter section of my website.

It starts…

So, here they are. Here are my books. Cocktail cooking, style and fiction, there is an array of subjects to discuss. Check out the video for an in-depth look at my decision making.

The result!

In terms of the result, I feel pretty happy. Although there are some that may disappear at a later date, I have drastically reduced my collection and removed many that never see the light of day. I will also be passing on many books that may prove useful to others. I hope so, as many are in good condition. For me, the book declutter was one that I dreaded but I am really pleased with how things have turned out. It wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated and now that I have packed up those that will be heading to pastures new, I feel satisfied with y decisions and there is no temptation to revisit it. So, all in all, a great result. Have you decluttered your books at all?

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