Baking Trays, Plates, Bowls & Tupperware!

Welcome to the second instalment of my kitchen declutter in which we focus on two more of my kitchen cupboards. One smaller, one larger but both requiring a declutter.

Cupboard 1

This cupboard sits above the extractor fan and houses my baking trays, mixing bowls, scales and a pestle and mortar. Why I put the baking trays in there I do not know. The size of the baking trays means that the door doesn’t close properly… and it has just always been like that! The time has come for a new home! In addition, some of the trays feel perpetually greasy after so much use. These baking trays have served well. Whilst I certainly feel a little hesitant to part with tools that aren’t broken and unusable, it will be nice to use the fresher versions. In addition to that, I don’t need this many. The reason some of them are fresher is that I only have cause to use just a couple. Hence, the need to for reduction.

Cupboard 2

In cupboard two there are odd numbers of plates, bowls, Tupperware tubs, old Chinese takeaway tubs and other bits and bobs. I have (some chipped) plates and bowls sets, random bowls, smaller dipping sauce bowls, egg timers and packed lunch plastics, all culminating in a mish-mash that needs sorting out. As a result, there is too much clutter with many rarely used items taking up space.

The Result

The result feels a little lacking. Although a clear difference between the before and after photos, I had anticipated a clearout with less left behind. Still, I will be reorganising my kitchen in the not too distant future and following that I am sure I will be decluttering again. Thus, as step one, the outcome is pleasing and it feels good to be removing and rehoming (even if to the bin) much of the unused.

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