Sauce Pans, Frying Pans and Oven Dishes!

Hello! Here we are with the third instalment of my kitchen declutter. This time, I am tackling a cupboard which causes me great frustration. Every time I open the door stuff falls out… you can just imagine it can’t you…


I use a range of pans, so my cupboard is filled with saucepans and frying pans in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, with the odd exception, I tend to use larger saucepans and frying pans. If I am honest, I use all of the pans I own but I don’t need to. I could easily reduce the number of pans and still live comfortably. As a result, those that don’t often see the light of day need to find their way to a new home.


Oven Dishes

So, it turns out I have more oven dishes than I remembered. From square and rectangular ceramic dishes without lids to clear round ones with, I don’t need this many. But which to keep? I suspect the clear round dishes will lose out. As I mentioned in my last declutter video, I tend to opt for items with a square shape to them rather than round. Personal preference I know but it gives me an indication of how this dish declutter will ‘pan’ out… cue hilarity.


More Mixing Bowls

I thought I had decluttered my mixing bowls in part two of my kitchen declutter. As we can see here, I had forgotten about some…

The Before…

The Result

This result was very pleasing. Although not a huge amount was removed in terms of numbers, this cupboard houses bulky items and I can now open the doors without fear of a saucepan avalanche. Everything feels more spacious, more cleanly laid out and just tidier. As this was the aim, I feel very happy with the outcome.

How about some more decluttering? Check out my YouTube Decluttering Playlist! Alternatively, check out my Declutter content here on this site.

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