Glasses, Mugs & The Tea Cupboard

Having started my kitchen declutter, it soon became clear that it would need to be broken down into sections. First up, is the glasses, mugs and tea cupboard.


So, a lot of my glasses came from a family member who used to own a pub. The lovely individual was kind enough to help me out when I first bought my flat to help me save some money and get me started. The other glasses generally came from IKEA. Over the years, the glasses I own have been used a million times, but as time has passed and the collection has grown, it has become too large. There are also glasses stored in the glass-fronted cabinet in my lounge. Rarely used items that occupy space are things I can no longer tolerate. Time to downsize as there are far too many for my quiet little life. Interesting, when I laid all of the glasses out I was shocked at how many there were. It seems bonkers but provides me with a great project to tackle.


My mug collection is also a little large. In addition, I have developed some preferences for size and shape. That makes me feel so old. I always remember my mum saying about her preference for the shape and style of the mugs she uses and I always thought she was a bit mad. Turns out, it happens to us all!

The Rest!

The rest of the cupboard also requires a declutter. Comprising empty bottles for those ‘just in case’ occasions, plastic cups and glasses, these items are never used. There are also boxes of teabags, coffees and syrups that have seen better days. Thus, it is time for an overhaul and outing of both the unnecessary and underused.


The Result

So many glasses have gone! It feels so great and to have packed away the mugs that are chipped or don’t suit my tastes and this leaves me with a smaller, more manageable collection. The cupboard feels refreshed and no longer littered with clutter. So, all in all, a great start to the Kitchen Declutter! Check out the video for the before and after!

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