Hello and welcome to the next stage of my declutter series! Today it is time to tackle the Ikea unit in my lounge. I love this new me and improved (in my opinion) me. I have become someone who loves the idea of a minimal space with clean lines and tidy surfaces. It is very exciting yet calming and with life busy and speeding along, a calm space is my aim.

This unit formed part of an enormous furniture haul. Back in 2010 when I moved into my flat I spent quite a lot of money in Ikea. Since this 16 squared, flat packed unit was unpacked and assembled, it has collected odds and ends with no specific vision behind the storage aspect. It currently houses stationery items, CDs, DVDs and research books from my university days. However, it is just here, there and everywhere and is a mess.

One of the standout things for me is how rarely I open the cupboard doors. This tells me that the content requires inspection. Why store things you never use? If you have been following my Declutter Series you will know that I have been asking this of myself a lot recently.

And so, onto the declutter. Here is the unit before I tackled it.


As I mentioned, the unit houses lots of items that will be decluttered in future videos. The first step of the declutter was to put these items aside until I am ready to undertake those next stages. I also removed any old boxes for recycling before I tackled the remaining clutter. Interested to see how things turned out? Check out the video to see the result. It looks wonderful now!

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Are you decluttering your life or aspects of it? How is it going?

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