The Kos Vlog | Aegean Houses, Lambi – August 2017

So, in August I ventured out to foreign lands. As a family, we have previously visited a few of the Greek islands. However, awash with sunshine Kos was the family holiday destination for rest and relaxation, this time around.

The Complex

The complex, Aegean Houses in Lambi, is family run, well kept and nicely designed. A smaller complex than many, it felt more comfortable, enhancing the feeling of calm and quiet. With just the one main pool and additional whirlpool, it never quite felt too busy, which was unexpected for our August visit.

The layout of the rooms was as envisaged for this type of holiday, standard but well maintained with the surprising addition of a coffee machine! Not something I have experienced before. Rooms were swept and beds made daily by the friendly maids, and we would often see the pool and gardens being tended to.

The drinks in our complex seemed a little pricey, being €5 for a gin and tonic and €3.70 for a pint of draught beer.  The menu included a good range of meals with lighter nights and main meals, both at reasonable prices. As a bed and breakfast complex, there was no evening entertainment. This wasn’t a problem for our stay but families expecting the more inclusive evening entertainment activities may find themselves disappointed.

The Area

As demonstrated by the odd boarded-up restaurant, Lambi may not be the flourishing, bustling scene it once was, but there were plenty of places of interest, a range of traditional supermarkets, restaurants, and bars, and it is just a short journey into the bigger, and busier, Kos Town.

In the 7 days we resided in Kos, we did little but rest, swim and enjoy the sunshine. There is much more to do in Kos, particularly for those of you who are keen cyclists or just fancy a gentle bike ride. Renting bicycles was common and pedestrians always have to keep an ear out for the warning bells of an approaching cyclist. There is also the option of the motorised cycle or quad bike for those feeling brave…

Food & Drink

For my foodie family, and I suspect many others, an important factor for any holiday is the food. And there was little disappointment at any stage. With an array of dishes selected, including traditional Greek cuisines such as Kleftiko, Souvlaki and Stifado, each of us was thoroughly stuffed and wandering home each evening feeling full and content. Now, I like to drink wine with my evening meal but I suspect Greek wine isn’t necessarily to everyone’s taste. For us, other than the odd disagreeable choice, most were enjoyable and of average price. As a final thought, the restaurants like to provide shots of ouzo as a digestif. These are on the house and arrive after you request the bill… for lovers of ouzo, I imagine this is great. Our party of 6 contained three ouzo lovers and I was happy to hand mine over.

Across our seven-day stay, we visited the following restaurants:

  • Efkalipity

  • Angelina’s House

  • Blue Phoenix

  • Tsambala – we went back! Always a good sign.

  • Istros – again, we went back!

Our board arrangements

We stayed on a bed and breakfast basis and were treated each morning to an array of delights. Open-minded but inevitably used to our English ways, facing peas and sweetcorn was a surprise. However, we all enjoyed green peppers, onions, and spiced sausage whenever available. The choice on offer was fabulous. Croissants, yoghurt, jam, and honey sat alongside cakes, cheesecakes, tarts, and truffles. For the more savoury palette (like mine), a daily display of eggs, bacon, sausage, vegetables, fresh fruit and salad, cheese, meat, pies and mini pizza made my stay wonderful. With such delicious all you can eat breakfast available, who needs lunch!? Not that that is the recommended way to go about things, of course.

I certainly could have stayed longer, and for me, this stay was ideal. Peaceful, restful and warm with good places to go to eat and drink. For a more visual look at things, check out my video above.

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Have you ever been to Kos? How was your experience?

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