Lipstick Declutter – Part One | Reds & Pinks

Hello everyone and welcome to my lipstick declutter! Following my recent nail polish declutter which I had to split into a part 1 and a part 2, I thought I would continue on the declutter train. Today, lip products are on the agenda.

I don’t have a huge collection of lipsticks because they have never really been a must have for me. Interestingly, I still needed to split this video into to two to make it more reasonable in terms of watch time. I have been much more interested in lipsticks in more recent years but often found that whilst in a 9-5, I just couldn’t be bothered with it. Maybe this is something historic from days of old. I distinctly remember being teased at school about having big lips and I wonder if that is why I just don’t bother with them much. Perhaps I don’t want to draw attention to them? Perhaps I am just lazy and can’t be doing with the reapplication. I don’t know.

In more recent years, I have become more confident in myself, have experimented more and have bothered a bit more. Still, my collection has remained relatively small and lipstick will never be a desert island item for me. However, some items in my collection are really quite old now and I NEVER use them. So, the time has come to review, remove and perhaps replenish? Winky emoji.




I tend to store my lipsticks in four categories:

  • Nudes

  • Pinks

  • Corals/Oranges

  • Reds

So this is how I am going to declutter today. First up are the reds and the pinks.

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Lipstick Declutter - Part One

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