Lipstick Declutter – Part Two | Corals & Nudes

Hello everyone and welcome to my Lipstick Declutter – Part Two! Today we are talking corals and nudes.

To see the whole of the declutter, check out my Lipstick Declutter – Part One.

Most people seem to wear nudes more often than anything else but I tend to (try to) mix things up. Day-to-day nudes are probably the easiest to wear so this may explain why I have more lipsticks in the nude category. I certainly have a soft spot for coral shades though, whether more nude or a little bit brighter.

My overall aim of the declutter is to leave myself with a nice selection of colours. However, I don’t want to retain a cluttered box of unused lipsticks that go to waste and take up space. Some of these itemsare very old but mostly i find I just don’t wear them that often. So, let’s see what we can do in with this final two coloursets!

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Lipstick Declutter - Part Two

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