Slimming World Friendly Low FODMAP Shopping

In preparation for some future recipe videos, I recently went shopping for Slimming World friendly Low FODMAP ingredients. These ingredients are also Slimming World friendly and so, I thought I would show you what I bought. Not only do I understand how tricky it can be to get to grips with low FODMAP, I also appreciate the need for ideas for shopping and recipes. So, I thought I would do my bit to help.

Check out my Low FODMAP Playlist on YouTube for more info and recipes. Alternatively, take a look at my Low FODMAP posts and recipes here on the blog by clicking here.


In case you are interested, the Monash University FODMAP related FAQs explain some of the science. Question 2 clarifies the situation regarding the fructans in garlic and how those of us with IBS can incorporate garlic into our diet:

This article is also from the Monash University and provides examples of low and high FODMAP foods:

Do you try to combine low FODMAP eating with a healthy eating plan? Any top tips you would be willing to share?

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