LUSH Cosmetics Bath Haul

I am actually very new to the world of Lush and this LUSH Cosmetics bath haul contains my first ever purchases to try out!

Perhaps this is simply because we do not have a LUSH store on the Isle of Wight, however, there are shops in both Southampton and Portsmouth and having made my first venture into the fragrant realms, I may just have to pop back! We will see how these products turn out.


Brightside – Bubble Bar

Bright coloured with a tangy, citrus orange scent which just smells delicious. Brightside contains tangerine oil which provides the uplifting fragrance and helps to tone the skin, bergamot oil to uplift and cleanse and gardenia extract which provides the rich colour.


Ladybird – Bubble Bar

Part of the mother’s day range, this bubble bar is cute with a richly fragrant sweetness and ever so slightly minty. Contains cooling and invigorating peppermint oil, and geranium oil to tone and balance.


The Comforter – Bubble Bar

A Cassis scented, sherbet like fragrance in a bar which looks a bit like solid raspberry ripple ice cream. Difficult not to take a bite! Contains bergamot oil to cleanse and lift, and the antiseptic and relaxing cypress oil.


You’ve Been Mangoed – Bath Oil

Strongly scented with a distinct sense of uplifting lemongrass oil which works both as an antiseptic and to tone. This bath oil also contains moisturising shea butter, skin softening mango butter and avocado butter to nourish and hydrate.


These are all so deliciously scented that I literally have to remind myself that they are not edible! As muscular discomfort and back pain is a relatively common issue for me, I will be having regular baths to ease the muscles that seem to be the cause. This, of course, means I have lots of opportunity to play with these gorgeous products and, suffice to say, I will certainly be back soon with a review!

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Here’s to happy bathing!

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