Makeup Academy (MUA) Eyeshadows Review

How about another Makeup Academy (MUA) review then? This time it is about eyeshadows. Why? Because if you love affordable makeup, then you need to know about the shadows produced by this brand.

I have specifically focussed on MUA previously. The brand is the focus of an individual blush review, my more recent review of the Skin Define range and also a haul. Here I have a selection from the eyeshadow range to talk about because they are worth talking about!


Undressed and Undress Me Too

The Naked palettes, famed for their creamy, buttery formulation and intense pigmentation and blend ability have inspired brands to create more affordable alternatives which have popped up here there and everywhere.

As I said in my recent Haul video, I am aware that I am very late to the party with these palettes. But having had a look at the thoughts already out there in the beauty community and spending some time using these palettes on myself, I can see that the hype has been justified! I am in love, these are amazing. So, ok, they aren’t perfect but for £4 you surely can’t get much better than this.

The packaging is simple plastic in black for ‘Undressed’ and white for ‘Undress me too’, each with a clear plastic vision panel in the lid of the case enabling you to clearly see the 12 individual pans within. The palettes feel a little flimsy but this is mostly a concern to me due to my tendency to drop things… If you have seen any of my YouTube videos you will understand and the idea of dropping these inspires thoughts of plastic shards and lidless product… however, both of my palettes are still intact and for £4 we can’t expect too much.

The back of the cases identify the individual names of the colours and give details of the ingredients and both come equipped with a dual-ended sponge applicator.



Famed as being a dupe for the hugely popular Naked Palette from Urban Decay, the ‘Undressed’ palette contains 12 warm eyeshadow shades spanning a spectrum of gold, bronze and taupe.


Undress Me Too

Undress Me Too is also a dupe but this time for the Naked 2, also from Urban Decay. The range of colours is lovely and the palette offers a mixture of both warm and cool toned shades. The pigmentation of the shadows is great and although the texture varies between each colour, they each blend well.

So far I have resisted buying the Naked or Naked 2, but I do have the Naked 3 palette so have an appreciation of the quality of the Urban Decay products. I have spent some time looking at other swatch comparisons and although the colour matches aren’t perfect, they are very similar and are all gorgeous.

Matte shades in cheaper palettes rarely match up to their more expensive counterparts but that’s not to say that these are no good. The matte shades are useful but the rest, in a variety of shiny textures and finishes, are the better quality, and with the non-matte variety being in abundance, the better quality shades are in the majority. You can expect some fallout from both palettes but it isn’t too problematic and, in my opinion, is made up for by the quality of the colour range and pigmentation. This ranges from intense, which applies to many of the shades, to subtle but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as working with strong colours can often lead to harsh lines. Building these beautiful colours takes just a short time and the easy blending easily achieves a wonderful depth of colour.

If I had to choose between them, I would probably opt for the Undress Me Too as a preference for colour choice but these are both fantastic budget friendly palettes and with a £4 price tag are an amazing substitute to the more expensive high-end alternative.


Individual Shadows:

I have four of the individual shades:


A light fudge coloured matte shade could do with a boost when it comes to the pigmentation. As a base shade, it adds a layer of powder, but the colour payoff is relatively poor.



A very pale, shimmery shade. Highly pigmented it offers a rich frosty finish, perfect for reflecting light and highlighting the inner corner of the eye.



A rich taupe shade, heavy on pigmentation and smooth rich texture.



A beautiful deep bronzey copper, also heavily pigmented.

Each of the individual shadows has a degree of fallout so I would advise care with the richer shades. However, for just £1 each the colour, pigmentation and formulation is great and you can achieve some wonderfully rich eyeshadow finishes.

Have you tried any of the other MUA individual eyeshadows or palettes? Which are your top picks?

This content is not sponsored. All products mentioned were purchased by myself and all views and opinions are my own.

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