Makeup Academy (MUA) Powder Blush Review

MUA Powders Blushers

Here is my Makeup Academy (MUA) Powder Blush Review. At just a £1 each, these blushers are certainly affordable, and of the 6 shades available in the range, I have four. I have had these for more than a year now and they’re still regularly popped back into my makeup back for use. More information can be found in my YouTube video below but I’ve included some pictures in this post so you can see just how lovely these blushers are.



A nude shade and the most neutral of the four shades I own. Probably the shade I’ve used most often to give a very subtle hint of colour.

MUA Blush - Cupcake


Another muted shade but peachier in tone than Cupcake; this has been a regular in my makeup bag.

MUA Blush - Lolly


Brighter than Cupcake and Lolly, this is a gorgeous shade which adds a beautiful flush of colour.

MUA Blush - Bubblegum


The brightest shade of the four. I really wasn’t able to get on with this one for the sole reason that I didn’t find it to be very blendable. Annoying because the others are so good!

MUA Blush - Bubblegum

Overall, the range is definitely worth a try and in my view is superb value for money. To finish off this post, here are some swatches:

MUA Blush swatches



This content is not sponsored. All products mentioned were purchased by myself and all views and opinions are my own.


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One thought on “Makeup Academy (MUA) Powder Blush Review

  1. Totally gutted that mua cupcake has been discontinued! I haven’t found a similar alternative yet! Boo

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