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So, Makeup Revolution 12 Days of Christmas. First off, the box is beautiful. Matte black with the brand’s signature rose gold detail, this time with a lovely intricate design across the lid of the box. In the Inside, again in rose gold, the box reaffirms our inner mantra that ‘YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH MAKEUP’. This made me happy to know I was right all along…

Inside there are 12 full size products, each individually boxed in a smart matte black box and labelled clearly in rose gold. Contained in the Makeup Revolution (MUR) chest are the following products:

  • Focus & Fix Eye Primer

  • Aqua Priming Base

  • Ultra Strobe Cream

  • Lip Gloss Set

  • Pro Fixing Spray

  • Blush Palette

  • Ultra Strobe Balm Palette

  • Brow Palette

  • 2 x Eyeshadow Palettes

  • Ultra Contour Stick

  • Ultra Strobe Stick

Focus and Fix Eye Primer

This is one I’ve tried previously and is a useful addition to any makeup bag. Although not the best eye primer I’ve ever used, it does a good job, particularly at such an affordable price, even when purchased individually.

Pro Fixing Spray

I love me a good makeup fixing spray and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint, so much so I purchased one as a gift to my friend ahead of her wedding day. This spray is quite strongly scented but it isn’t unpleasant and is almost immediately disappears. I found that the mist really feels like it really wets the face but it has a surprisingly light finish, leaves a fresh feeling on the skin and dries quickly.

Aqua Priming Base

For me, primer is a must to extend the wear time of my makeup. I’ve used this product a few times but I can’t say that I’ve given it a thorough road test yet. There aren’t many MUR products that I find to be below par so I have high hopes for this.


Ultra Contour Stick

As a double ended product this compact stick has a contour shade at one end and a highlight at the other. The formula is creamy, easy to apply and blends easily to give a subtle definition.

The Lip Gloss Nude Edit

This set contains 3 shades, all peach toned but 2 of them are actually quite pale which may not be to everyone’s taste. For me though the peach tone is great. I love the diversity of lip colours but we all have a tone that suit us best and for me the peach tones tend to form the looks I’m happiest with on myself, particularly for the day time. The glosses are thick, more like creams really and last quite well on the lip. After eating a meal, things looked a little weary but there was still a relatively decent amount of coverage to just be touched up rather than fully reapplied.

HD Pro Brows Palette

The HD Brow palette only says ‘HD Pro Brows’ on the back of the packaging so there is no shade specification. Having looked at other MUR products I believe this one to be the medium to dark palette which explains why, for me, the lightest shade is the only useable shade for my eyebrows. To be fair, I don’t ever really do much with my eyebrows other than add some powder through them for a bit more definition, as I’m into as natural a look as possible. The palette contains 4 brown powder shades and 2 brown wax shades in addition to a pale pink highlight powder, a wax and 2 creams, one of which is a strobe.

Blush Palette in Dream Blush

This palette contains 8 shades with the top 4 more vibrant, and the bottom 4 more neutral; all gorgeous. Although highly pigmented, the colours blend beautifully but remain buildable for a more striking look. These colours are very versatile, great for the party season but also perfect to create a fresh look ahead of the coming spring. Just as an aside, I have reviewed Makeup Revolution’s peach toned Blush Palette in Hot Spice over on my Youtube Channel and the video can be accessed directly here.

Eye Shadow Palettes

There are two eyeshadow palettes included. The first is the Matte Forecast Edit 2017 and is a selection of predominantly neutral matte shades but with a few stronger colours in blue, coral and grey. The second palette, the Matte 18 Edit doesn’t only contain matte shades as the name would suggest. Instead, along with the neutral mattes which are all very wearable, lovely and very similar to the first 6 colours of the Matte Forecast Edit 2017 (not complaining!), it contains 6 additional neutral shades which shimmer beautifully in varying degrees. The colours in each all seem to blend well and, in usual makeup revolution style, last well even on my oily eyelids. Of the two, the Matte 18 Edit is no doubt going to be a favourite, but I’m looking forward to using them both as MUR palettes are usually pretty awesome.

Ultra Strobe Balm Palette

For me, strobing makes me think clubbing, which I don’t tend to do much anymore, but as highlighters these creams are lovely. They are strongly pigmented so you don’t need much product and, although I haven’t tried all of the colours out yet, there is a good range which includes shades of pink and champagne.

Ultra Strobe Cream

The Ultra Strobe Cream is just lovely.  I use it under my foundation and it gives a lovely luminous glow to my skin. The cream can also be used on top of makeup to give a more targeted highlight.

Ultra Strobe Stick

The Ultra Strobe Stick is packaged in the same way as the contour stick and contains a highlighter at each end, one in gold and one iridescent pink, which seem to be the same as two of the colours in the Ultra Strobe Balm Palette. However, the stick allows for targeted application and is handy for carrying in your handbag.


Overall, I have mixed feelings about the chest and whether I would pay full price for it. The individual items are varying degrees of fabulous but there are a lot of strobe products. I absolutely love highlight but there is only so much one person needs! Other than that this is a wonderful box of goodies and the quality of the products in relation to the price is fantastic.

Marketed at £75 worth of makeup for £35, this is a good deal for such a high number of quality products. I did see that some eagle eyed consumers had managed to find it for as low as £22.50, so in my view, particularly if you can find it at such a low price, grab yourself a bargain.

MissAmyRach. X

This post is not sponsored. All products mentioned were purchased by myself and all views and opinions are my own.

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