Makeup Revolution & Freedom Haul

Who doesn’t love Makeup Revolution? This brand produces some fantastic high-quality products at drugstore prices and availability. Here is my Youtube video detailing some of the products I recently purchased along with some from Freedom! Apologies that it is a little close-up and dark!

Makeup Revolution products is also now stocked in the local Superdrug stores on the Isle of Wight, which took an absolute age! However, the range is widely accessible on TAM Beauty who, as a company, own the range of brands available on the site and includes both Makeup Revolution and Freedom amongst others.

I have so many Makeup Revolution products but still, there are many that I have yet to try. Freedom, on the other hand, is new to me and I have not previously owned or tried any of their products. As a result, I have been pretty excited by these finds.


Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution & Freedom Haul

  • Lip Power – It’s My Life – £1, normally £3

  • Lip Power – Everything’s alright – £1, normally £3

Makeup Revolution & Freedom Haul

  • Solid Brush Cleaner – £5

  • Aqua Seal Liquid Eye Primer – £3

  • Awesome Metals Eye Foils – Rose Gold – £4


Makeup Revolution & Freedom Haul

  • Eyeshadow Palette – Romance and Jewels – £4

  • Eyeshadow Palette – Stunning Smokes – £4

Makeup Revolution & Freedom Haul

  • Blusher – Beyond – £1

  • Blusher – Rare – £1

  • Blusher – Banished – £1

Following this initial inspection, everything looks interesting and I am optimistic as usual. Have you tried any of these products before? I will be back soon to deliver my thoughts and opinions, as a result of some rigorous testing. See you all soon!

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