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Hello everyone and welcome to a post that is a little different to usual. Today I thought I would talk a little bit about my mascara journey and struggles, in the hope that clawing my way out of a mascara rut is something that may help some of you.

Back in the day, my go-to mascara was the Maybelline XXL Pro Mascaras. Any of them. I loved them. They were perfect for my lashes and I loved the effect they produced. And it wasn’t just me. Others would often comment on my eyelashes in a positive way and I felt proud that they were the envy of others. However, things were about to go south. Suddenly, Boot and Superdrug were no longer stocking them and the only way I could find them was to scour the internet. Ebay was my saviour. I could often find them at a good price so all was not lost.


Of course, good things often come to an end and as time passed others, like me, where obviously in the same boat. The demand continued, the supply dwindled and thus the prices went up. So what I could I opt for instead? I happened across a Maxfactor 200 calorie mascara. Have any of you guys tried that? I remember using, and very much liking, this mascara in my much younger years. I thought it had been discontinued but Maxfactor seemed to have brought it back. So I bought one to try.

As it turned out, initially I was pleased with it but I needed a primer. Oddly, on one evening with my friends around my eye felt rather irritated. I didn’t think much of it but as my eyelid began to swell I became concerned. At the point where I thought it might burst I removed my makeup and the swelling went down. What was that I wondered? Could it have been the mascara or maybe something else? I wasn’t prepared to give up the mascara so I tried again. Low and behold, the swelling reappeared. At this point, I had to admit defeat. The formulation of the 2000 calorie mascara must have changed. Happily never using that mascara again has meant that my eye has never swelled in the same way.


So what next?

There were some ups and down in my quest to find alternatives able to give the same effect. It was also at this stage that I discovered that I had to use an eyelash primer. I couldn’t go without it. Mascara without primer was like smearing mascara all around my eyes for the fun of it. So I had a further consideration to bear in mind as I tried new products. Some of the products I tried I would repurchase with some even making it into my recent favourites. Others there is no way I would waste the money. Take a look at the above video to find out more.


Where are we now?

The plus point is that although I am not back to where I was with the Maybelline XXL mascaras, things have progressed in a positive way. I am feeling better about my eyelashes but we are not quite there yet. Do you guys have any favourite mascaras? What primer and mascara combos do you prefer? Any recommendations are more than welcome.

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Mascara Journey

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