Here on the blog, I have two Mayflower Currie recipes. Initially, I posted my Mayflower Curry Fakeaway recipe and then I posted a different version which can be made in the slow cooker, hence my Slow Cooker Mayflower Curry recipe. Both are simple and delicious but today I decided to show you how I go about making it on the reg.

In my meal planning video, I talked about Thursday being curry day. This has formed part of the meal planning structure from the beginning and it hasn’t changed. Additionally, in all the time it has been a Mayflower curry every week and we still aren’t bored. I say ‘we’ because my boyfriend also loves it.

This recipe…

Today I am making a beef curry and I slow cooked the beef. I tend to make a meat-based curry but try to alternate the type of meat each week. Mayflower Curry powder is very versatile and we enjoy it with beef, chicken, lamb and fish and prawns.

I used to buy Mayflower Curry powder off of Amazon as it was the only way to get it. Happily, here on the Isle of Wight we now have both a Home Bargains and a B&M which means I can pop in and purchase some at just £1 per box. Bargain or what!? I think the boxes stretch to about 8 meals, depending on how much powder you use. I went through a phase of making a 5 syn curry but have returned to a 4 syn recipe and it is just a good.

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