It’s Food Friday again! Where do the weeks go? Today I am sharing how I meal plan in order to help me stay on plan with Slimming World and avoid caving to the takeaway lure (she says after having eaten Domino’s last night… but it really is helping!)

If you saw my meal planning tip earlier this year you will know that I have a theme to my meal planning. The theme is based on how Weatherspoon’s organise their ‘club’ days. The theme has evolved slightly and is always subject to change but I love having a structure to my planning and I really find that this helps me to stay on track.

Today I am meal planning for the next two weeks. As you will see, I tend to focus on my evening meal plans and then plan the rest of my day on a more ad hoc basis. I did incorporate some lunches and breakfasts into my plans but these are sporadic and inconsistent.

Planning meals in the way also helps me to shop. I tend to do both a ‘big’ shop and then smaller shops as and when I need to. Creating a shopping list as you meal plan ensures you know all of the ingredients you are going to need. There is also a further added benefit. Only buying the things you need leads to spending less, thus saving money! For me, shopping without a list leads to perusing the aisles and picking up whatever takes my fancy. Are you the same?

I’ll be honest, meal planning is still an effort and I don’t love it. However, having this structure really helps to make it easier and knowing that having a meal plan is helping me to stay on plan really makes the effort worthwhile.

Do you meal plan? If so, how do you go about it?



The meal plan I am using is available from the Calorie Club Ebay show and/or website. The Calorie Club did send me the product to use and review. However, I have made purchases from them with my own money and thoroughly enjoy their products. This planner is magnetic and attaches to the fridge if you wish to keep it there but there are also smaller varieties available for those interested. To find out more, check out my Calorie Club Review.

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