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Hello everyone and welcome to Food Friday. Today I am talking about a recent way of eating that has been really helping me stick to my healthy eating goals.

As you may know, if you saw my Happy New Year and 2018 Goals post, I am keen to heat more healthy this year. In particular, I would like to stick to the Slimming World plan as part of my daily lifestyle. This is for a number of reasons. It wouldn’t hurt to lose a few pounds, of course, but I always generally feel better when ‘on plan’. It helps my digestion now that I don’t consume so many carbs but it also helps my mental wellbeing. It feels wonderful to feel lighter, happier and more in control.

As I know that many of you often find yourself in the same boat as me. By this, I mean wanting to be good and stick to a plan but struggling with the motivation. I am therefore sharing this in the hope that it will help.


A short while ago, I was sat at the dining table using my Calorie Club Meal planner to plan out our evening meals. Whilst we discussed what we thought we might fancy in the coming week, a light bulb appeared above my partner’s head. You could almost see it pop up! ‘Why don’t we stick to the Weatherspoon club meals?’ he asked.

The Calorie Club

I was immediately keen but I wasn’t really sure why. Still, we discussed the theme we wanted to apply to each day and decided to give it a try. Our normal weekly structure consists of the following:

Monday – Mexican Monday

Monday isn’t currently Mexican Monday in Weatherspoons, but we loved it when it was. Thus, we decided to recreate it in our own style.

Tuesday – Steak Club

Steak is goooooooo right? Whilst I am aware that we shouldn’t eat too much red meat and many are opting for plant-based diets, I can’t see that this would work for me. As one viewer once commented on my Breakfast, Lunch and Low FODMAP Shopping video, ‘grains are your enemy’. And they were right. My body likes a low carb life. Generally, meat and salad meals are the easiest to process for my digestion. Minimising carbs in my life is also the best way to get results on the scales.

Wednesday – Meat Club

Weatherspoons actually have Chicken Club on Wednesdays but I wanted this to be a little bit more flexible. Usually, Wednesday will be a chicken or pork dinner, depending on what else is being planned for the week. One of my favourites meals is a good old chicken roast dinner.

Thursday – Curry Club

Woohoo! I love Thursdays now! So far on this journey, there has been a lot of Mayflower Curry consumption. Every week in fact because we both love it so much! Excitingly, there is a B&M opening on the island so Mayflower Curry powder should be more readily available!

Fish Friday

Fish Friday doesn’t just mean fish and chips but it could do! I have the ingredients for a tasty fish pie in the freezer, just waiting to be loving put together.

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday and Sunday are a little vaguer.If we don’t have other than plans then we may go for homemade burgers on Saturday and then perhaps Sunday brunch, but these are the days where we are likely to be a little more flexible. This may change in future but that is where we are at the moment.

So, what do you think? Might it be something you would consider trying? Or maybe you have other tips and tricks that you use? Let me know in the comments! Take care and have a healthy week!

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