Hey, wait a minute! Where did the summer go? Let’s get it back with some minimal summer holiday makeup chat.

Having recently taken a summer holiday, today we are talking holiday makeup. What do you take when there is so much choice?

When I think back to the amount of makeup I used to take on holiday with me it makes me laugh. How I took so many clothes and makeup items within my weight allowance, I really don’t know. The reality is, on holiday I never wear a huge amount of makeup. So, with an older and wiser perspective, and a penchant for exceeding the baggage allowance, I am keen to minimise the amount I take.

There has been much debate, in my head, about what to take this year. I have wanted to keep both the number of items and overall weight down, whilst still retaining a good selection of items available. The aim was to take things that can be multi-use where possible and serious consideration given to what I will actually use. So, what did I decide?


Maybelline Waterproof Eyeliner

Of course, I would be taking my Maybelline Waterproof eyeliner to a hot country where my oily eyelids risk further oiliness. This eyeliner is the best I have tried and, therefore, certainly be making an appearance.

Mascara and Primer for lower lashes

Having recently had my upper lashes revamped with individual lash extensions I won’t be needing mascara. However, I love the combined look of eyelash extensions and mascara on the lower lashes. The primer is also a must as it prevents any transfer of the mascara to my under eye.


I often take eyeshadow and don’t use it so I don’t need much! However, I was still keen to take a range of colours so I could choose from matte and shimmer. Did I have a small palette with a good range of colours? I settled on the I Heart Makeup U R THE BEST THING palette due to the great range. A little bigger than I wanted to carry but I decided to go for it anyway.


Foundation and Foundation drops

Taking my favourite foundation alongside some foundation drops means that I can adjust the shade of my makeup as my skin changes colour. These Primark drops have proven to be fantastic when matching my foundation to my skin and I only need a tiny, tiny amount to make a difference.

Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette

Aha, multi-use product at its best. I love this palette for a radiant dusting of powder and the darkest colour tends to work best for this. The centre colour is lovely as a highlight and then the peach colour is a favourite as a highlighter come blush colour.

W7 Honolulu

So, my skin tans relatively easily and as it darkens I need a darker contour shade. Hence I have decided to take the W7 Honolulu. I didn’t want to take individual shades for face or eyes but this box, although a little bulky, is lightweight.

Maybelline Concealer

I haven’t been wearing much concealer recently as I have found it a little heavy for my summer skin, especially under the eyes. However, I do have one of the Maybelline eraser concealers in the shade nude. As a darker shade, it suits my summer sunshine skin and I don’t want to find myself wishing I had taken it if I suddenly end up with a pimple.


For lips, I actually took along 3 of the skinny lipping Matte Nude Lip Colours. A darker shade (Honey Bunny), a nude (Arty), and a nude pink (Off The Wall). I also popped in a red velvet matte pencil from Primark. I love this because it is vibrant, easy to apply and lasts well.

So, in the eyes of many minimalists, I am sure this selection is far from minimal, but it is much less than I have taken in previous years and baby steps are still considered progress.

Have you been through this process yourself? Are you keen to reduce things down in terms of your minimal summer holiday makeup? What are your favourite products to take away with you?

I also have a YouTube Channel where I cover similar stuff to the posts I have here on my blog. Fancy taking a look? 

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Minimal Summer Holiday Makeup


    1. Me too these days. I never used to and my brain always tells me that I will want the full face but I never do. Too warm and can’t be bothered. A fresh minimal look suits me best.

    1. Me too! Something about the hotter weather makes it seem more of a chore and I just seem to prefer a much lighter make up look.

  1. Foundation drops are SUCH a good idea?! I really need to invest! But I agree, I love the minimal/lived in look in summer.

  2. I totally agree with everything you said about Foundation and Foundation drops. I always try to invest into to water eye makeup especially for my mascara and eyeliner.

    GREAT POST!!!!!

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