Nail Polish Declutter – Part One | Glitter & Much More

So, as I promised in a recent vlog, I finally got around to going through my nail polish collection. Here is part one of my Nail Polish Declutter – Part One | Glitter, white. gold, silver, yellow & black.

The Collection

My nail polish collection is the product of years of hard work, perusing the aisles and purchasing this range of colours. Recently I discovered that many have become gloopy, bitty and no longer usable. So, as a result, it was time to declutter and reduce things down. To make room for more, maybe?

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2 thoughts on “Nail Polish Declutter – Part One | Glitter & Much More

  1. I really need to find time to organize my nail polish collection. I have a rack in my room intended for my nail polish and nail products and I also have transparent boxes to put my not so favorite colors and brands. Watching your video encourages me to do it, hopefully, this weekend.

    1. Hi Lydia,

      Thank you for your comment. It certainly felt great to do it as I had been meaning to for ages. Did you manage to go through your collection?

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