Nail Polish Declutter – Part Two | Reds, Nudes & More

Following my last nail polish declutter video, which was part one, here is part two: Nail Polish Declutter – Part Two | Reds, Nudes, Pinks, Browns, Greens & Blues.

The Declutter

This declutter was quite laborious but it felt great. I found it surprising that some of the cheaper and incredibly old polishes were still in such good condition. In contrast, some of the more expensive brands were the most gloopy and dried up. You just can never tell. In particular, there was a ‘dried up to the max’ theme when it came to the ‘crackle’ nail polishes. To me, a big shame as I really didn’t get enough use out of them.

Happily, though, I am very pleased to report that this particular clear out was a success. Lots of space has been created and the nasty old nail polishes have been banished to the bin where they now belong. I am certainly sad to see a few of them go but there is a whole world of new and improved colours and formulas out there to try. I feel a nail polish haul coming on…

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