In early January I found myself trying out some new products. I received some Pernaton Gel that had been kindly gifted to me, I began using the Lidl Q10 Serum that I had purchased just before Christmas, and I spotted an awesome way to up my water intake whilst browsing the Aldi leaflet.


So, Pernaton. What is it? It is a green lipped mussel extract gel. What? It’s for joint massage, formulated to provide an instant cooling effect. So, if like me you suffer from body woes, or aches and pains brought on through exercise or medical conditions, this could be for you.

As I mentioned, this gel was gifted to me and with muscular discomfort forming part or my everyday life at the moment, I was excited to try it. Let’s just be clear here, Pernaton is intended for joint massage. My pain is mostly muscular but it does radiate through my joint. It can feel like a hot pain at times so I fancied giving this a try.

Pernaton has a pleasantly fresh menthol scent. It is very, almost intensely, cooling after you apply it but not at all painful. So, with my numerous aches and pains at the mere age of 35… I decided to try the gel in 3 ways:


I applied it to my butt cheek first. This, I believe, is one of the areas of muscle that causes or contributes to my back pain. The muscles here benefit from some massage and it helps to alleviate the stiffness and discomfort in my lower back. One of the lovely things you notice is the non-greasy formula which quickly absorbs. Then you wait..

You don’t have to wait long for the cooling effect to become apparent. It isn’t unpleasant but it does feel a little odd on your first application. I remember wondering just how much stronger the sensation would become. It wasn’t painful and it certainly distracted me from the issues. Once the effects had passed, and this took quite some time, my back discomfort felt a little easier.

So, I know I sound like a complete disaster right now but I also experience some shoulder pain. Often when sitting in bed with a cup of tea my shoulder will ache and, thus far, I haven’t figured out why. It seems to stem from under my shoulder blade. Sometimes it is really quite uncomfortable and radiates down through my arm so again, I tried the Pernaton. I popped it on just after getting out of bed and within a couple of minutes, I feel the tingle. It gets cold, super chilly, tingles a lot and then gradually dissipates, along with the ache. The root cause still remains of course but the relief Pernaton provides is very welcome.


The third use is something I haven’t yet tried but am interested in whether Pernaton can help. Since a particularly nasty muscle spasm in 2017, my right leg cramps more regularly in a somewhat unusual way. It isn’t your usual calf cramp, it’s the outside of my leg and although it isn’t as painful as normal cramp, it is a strange and unpleasant sensation. I can feel it beginning and often use my foam roller to stave it off. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to test this yet but I am looking forward to the results.

So, so far so good. Pernaton also offer a roll-on option and their Forte version of the gel provides heat relief. This, I anticipate, will provide greater results as hot water bottles often provide me with relief in certain areas and enjoying the menthol version has me seeking the benefits of the warmer option. If I am willing to spend my own money on it, I thought it was worth a mention to you guys! My nan actually suffers from some joint issues and I am really looking forward to her giving this a try to see if it helps her day-to-day. For more information on any of the Pernaton products, you can find out more here. You can find out more here:


This I picked up just before Christmas. In a specific trip to Lidl to locate some of their fabulous stuffed pepperdews I, of course, wandered around the rest of the store. Having also picked up the last box of both the coconut prawns and the hot and spicy prawns from their party food section, I found myself in front of the skin care options. My Lidl skin care blog post and YouTube video have been one of my most popular by far. Everyone seems to want in on it and I still love their gold cream. However, on this occasion, there was a box I hadn’t seen previously. A serum with a price tag of £2.99. I bought it. Well, you know me.

Oddly, I experienced a slight sting around my nose which was unexpected as the skin hasn’t been dry or sore. It isn’t particularly uncomfortable though and soon passed. At this point, this is the only negative I can find. The scent is pleasant and it absorbs quickly. I like to use it underneath my Cetraben moisutriser for an added moisture boost. So far, I love it.


I have been tempted by the hyped up Hydrate M8 bottles since I saw them all over Instagram a while back. I never gave in and spent the money but recently have been noticing some dehydration symptoms and realised how little water I was drinking per day. Cue the new year, new you product promotion that swamps the shops and supermarkets at this time of year. Flipping through weekly Aldi magazine had me keen to try their £2.49 version to see whether my commitment to drinking more water would be fad or a future habit.

So far? It’s great. I have easily been consuming two big bottles of water each day. Granted, I add no added sugar squash to ease it down but it’s a big difference to my previous ways. Long may this continue!

Have you been trying out anything new recently?

This is a sponsored post which means I received a product/payment in exchange for an honest review. All views and opinions offered are my own.

4 thoughts on “NEW PRODUCTS I AM TRYING IN 2019

  1. I haven’t heard about these products before! I always like being nosey knowing what other people are trying. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I haven’t heard about the first two products before! But that water bottle has always intrigued me! I love a reusable water bottle and if I got one that I could keep track of how much I was drinking I think it would make things so much easier!

    Alexx |

    1. It really does help! I love having it as a reminder to keep drinking. It has helped me reduce how much tea and coffee I drink too!

  3. I’ve never heard of Pernaton Gel but it sounds like a good one to bear in mind for any muscle aches and pains. The cooling effect sounds quite refreshing and it’s good it works well and takes the discomfort away. The Lidl serum for £2.99 sounds like such a bargain, there is a Lidl just down the road from me, I’ll have to pop in and check our their skincare range! Funnily enough I brought a similar water bottle the other day, it has got the times of day on as well and really encourages me to drink more. I don’t like water on it’s own too much so I add a few slices of lemon and it is so much nicer! Thanks for sharing Amy, great post! <3 xx

    Bexa |

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