So, where to go for a long awaited girly catch up? We decided to visit Nomad on the recommendation of a couple of the members of the group. Both had been to Nomad on separate occasions and had thoroughly enjoyed themselves.



Nomad - Front of House

Nomad is situated towards the end of the high street in Cowes, close to the path leading down to Cowes parade. From the street, you can see the front area of Nomad which houses several small tables and the bar. Inside, Nomad blooms into a larger space, with a back room housing more tables and a small, beautifully decorated water closet.

The Bar and Back Room

Nomad - Interior

The Water Closet

Nomad - Bathroom Decor

As a restaurant, Nomad is small, but it is tastefully furnished and creates a cosy ambience. We were seated at the very front, in the window by the door.


Nomad offers Asian – Mexican street food within a unique dining concept, and most dishes are gluten free. Or so their website says… I hadn’t been. The idea of ‘Shut up and feed me’ had been explained to me (more on that in just a mo) but, initially, we thought we had the option of the £25 ‘Shut up and Feed Me’ deal or to order our choice of meal from the menu. However, as it turned out, there wasn’t an option. This is certainly not a complaint from me.

So, upon arrival, it was explained to us that this restaurant operates differently. You arrive, order drinks and provide any dietary requirements. There is no menu so the dietary info is passed to the kitchen and an array of surprise dishes are brought to you for tasting and consumption. Back in the day, I would have hated this. Now though, with my older and more mature palette, I felt pretty excited by the unknown. Having considered whether there was anything I wouldn’t eat, I thought I could safely embrace the idea of attempting anything and everything. Thus, I provided no dietary requirements. The only requirements given were in relation to the pregnancy of one of our group.

In terms of drinks, three of us opted to share the house bottle of red (or two) at a price of £20 per bottle, and for one, it was soft drinks all the way.

Nomad - Wine

For the non-alcohol drinking guest, a mocktail was mixed. This was also a surprise. Turns out that this sunset coloured delight was a fruity ginger beer concoction which went down a treat.


The dishes

On the set list that evening, and in this exact order, were the following dishes:

  • Noodle Salad

  • Pulled Pork Buns

  • Mushroom Quesadilla

  • Cod Tacos

  • Crispy Chicken

Alongside the delivery of each dish came an explanation of the ingredients within. It all sounded fabulous.

Noodle Salad

Nomad - Noodle Salad

Pork Buns

Nomad - Pulled Pork Buns

Mushroom Quesadilla

Nomad - Mushroom Quesadilla

Cod Tacos

Nomad - Cod Tacos

Crispy Chicken and Savoury Rice

Nomad - Crispy Chicken

Even though we couldn’t see any ingredients that would fall outside of the recommended guidelines for growing a baby, our pregnant friend’s meals arrived plated separately. For the rest of us, other than the noodle salad, each delicious and beautifully presented course arrived on a platter.

A point to note is that after course three, I remember thinking I could go on eating these dishes forever and I then wondered just how full I would feel at the end of the meal. Even after 4 courses, I felt fine. Then, having put down my fork after the final plate, the crispy chicken, I. Was. Stuffed. And then some. I actually thought the girls would have to roll me home.

Whilst you do need to approach this with an open mind, because you could be delivered anything, to me it seemed that they play safe with the flavours. However, this is, of course, understandable and the range of flavours and variations suited me perfectly. I have seen pictures of other dishes on Trip Advisor, which look just as fantastic, and I am looking forward to trying more. To date, Nomad has 4.5 stars on Trip Advisor and 66 excellent reviews. Yes, I had consumed several alcoholic drinks prior to arrival, and yes I continued drinking wine with the meal, but I really, really, really loved it. So delicious, in fact, that I will absolutely be going back.

Second Visit

And I did go back! For a closer look, take a peek at this vlog! Nomad detail starts at 06:14 in the video with additional footage towards the end.

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