October Favourites

I know every blogger, YouTuber and person in the world say this but October has sped by so, so quickly. But there are still some things that I have been loving this month so I thought I would share the good stuff.

For all the smells:

TK Maxx Candles in Butternut Pumpkin and White Pumpkin:

I’m not sure if I have mentioned my love for TK Maxx’s candles on YouTube before but I have definitely talked about them here on the blog. TK Maxx is my go-to for candles. They generally have a large range and you can pick up all sorts of brands there for a relatively reasonable price. They also stock candles with beautiful details on that I just can’t resist. Much like the little acorn attached to the white pumpkin candle. Perfect to warm my autumnal cockles.

For the yukky autumn coughs:

Corvonia Cough Linctus for Dry & Tickly


Not your traditional ‘favourite’ for a favourites video but this stuff is worth a mention for how much it helped me. I had a tickly cough for quite a while during October and it was at its worst in the evenings. Maybe the motion of laying down impacted things but settling into bed was anything but settling! However, having this linctus handy ensured that the cough was eased.

For the face:

Concealer Combination: Collection Lasting Perfection in Fair and Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti Fatigue



I have been loving this concealer combination. Most people like the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer but I only really use this in certain areas. I find this shade (fair) to be very luminous and I like to pop it under my eye and use a beauty blender to pat it into the skin. However, because it is quite heavy, I don’t like to take it to close to the fine lines under my eyes. I do though, love the Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti Fatigue Concealer which I use more freely across my face. The colour is more yellow which I like and it is light and flexible, melting into the skin. It also has a nice fresh scent to it.

For the hands:

Molton Brown Hand Cream in Delicious Rhubarb & Rose:


This smells absolutely delicious! I can’t get enough of it. I received this as a gift and it is such a lovely product. It claims to be immediately absorbed and it certainly does that. No greasy residue to air away, it just leaves hands feeling velvety soft and moisturised. These are £10 each with is pretty pricey for a hand cream but this particular fragrance is worth it in my opinion.

For the peepers:

Primark Peachy Eyeshadow Palette

I won’t talk too much about this £4 palette as I am going to pop a review of it up on my blog but I wanted to include this and mention a few key points. I find that this palette blends beautifully. I do always prime and powder my eyelids before using shadows, which probably helps, but this exceeded my expectations entirely. I do wish that it had another slightly darker shade to take things a little smokier, but it is still great and I have been loving using it this month.

Eylure Eyelashes in 070

Available at Boots.com by clicking here

These lashes are the Eyeure (Turn up the) Volume lashes as part of their 70th birthday. I bought these a little while back and I love them. I cut them down, perhaps a little too much, but they’re so comfortable. Best of all, they’re very natural. They are a mixture of black and brown lashes which gives a more natural finish and, in my opinion, is perfect for this time of year. In addition, they are reusable, really easy to apply and last pretty well, as long as I leave my eyes alone. As a whole package, these are fab.

For the pout:

Makeup Gallery Pout Matters in Latte


Although the bright red shade featured in my recent disappointing products post, this shade which is ‘latte’, is lovely. This has a vanilla caramel-like scent and glides on nicely. You don’t get a huge amount of product on the applicator and I tend to find I need two quick coats to up the opacity. However, it is moisturising and soft, and not at all drying. The only potential negative is just how much product there is in the bottle. There is just something about it which makes me think there isn’t much in there. Having said that, it is from Poundland and costs just a pound… all told, it’s pretty awesome.

For the cooler weather:

Tesco Lounge Hoodie:


This. Is. Divine. At £16, this was an absolute bargain. I have been on the lookout for soft tops recently to keep me warm at home whilst beavering away at my blog and YouTube channel. Now that I work from home, I don’t have the luxury of an employer’s heating so I need to keep myself warm. This is the softest, snuggliest, most amazing piece of clothing I have ever owned. I keep telling people to ‘feel how soft it is’ and finding myself rubbing my face on the fleece lining in the hood. Therefore, wearing makeup has been limited since buying it!

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October Favourites 2017

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