Oily Eyelids – Makeup that lasts all day

Are oily eyelids common? I never really considered that I had oily eyelids, what with my skin mostly being prone to dry patches whilst I was growing up. However, these days I have a real problem with the lasting power of eyeshadows, liner and mascara. This is my experience:


Having researched many reviews of the products I often use, the common denominator in my struggle for long lasting eye makeup seemed to be me. Typically, I am subjected to:

  • Creasing

  • Disappearing eyeshadow and liner

  • Eyeliner transferring to eyelid and eye socket

  • Smudged liner and mascara

For me, eye makeup slides, and often at the end of the day I would have only thin remnants of eyeshadow left and black mascara smeared under my lower lashes. So I set about trying to find a way to combat this.

Now, I almost feel… No, I do feel somewhat embarrassed about this. I had this whole post/video planned about my process for priming my eyelids properly because nothing EVER lasts on them… and then I stumbled across a super simple way that works. This is super simple which leaves me confused somewhat. Because this cannot be something that I haven’t tried before…

In terms of preparing my eyes, I haven’t even been using an eye primer day to day. I have used an eye primer if I am off somewhere special. In particular, you may have seen me do so in my Isle of Wight Festival Get Ready With Me video, but not for just the normal day to day.


My recent makeup routine, with a particular focus on the eyes, has literally consisted of the following:


  • Moisturise

  • Prime with a face primer but include the eyelids.

  • Foundation, include the eyelids

  • Powder – key is to use a fluffy powder brush

  • Eyeshadow

A point to remember here is that I am not a makeup artist and until recent years I didn’t really wear much in the way of eyeshadow. To some, this may seem incredibly obvious, but for those of you watching because you find dealing with oily eyelids difficult too, here is the trick…

The key is to bake the primer and foundation that covers the eyelids with plenty of loose powder. Now, I have tried this before, but I think where I was going wrong was to just use a fluffy eyeshadow brush which didn’t lay down enough powder to bake the base. Now, I use a big fluffy brush to lay down the product across my eyelids.

I used this method in conjunction with an additional eye primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden) in my Isle of Wight Festival GRWM video and my eye makeup lasted all day in the sunshine. Finally, a quick and easy way to keep my makeup in place. Hoorah!

Do you have any other tips for tackling oily eyelids?

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