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Whilst sat perusing the TAM Beauty website in a spendy mood, I came across the Pro 12 range.  This was quite some time ago as the palette featured in my Makeup Revolution & Freedom Haul back in May. With the information was a video montage of swatches and views of the different palettes. Mikhila from MissBudgetBeauty made the video as part of her ongoing collaboration with the brand and a couple of the palettes stood out. This one, Romance and Jewels was one of them.

So, essentially, this was a ‘MissBudgetBeauty made me do it’ purchase. This was ages ago. Turns out, this is one of those palettes that I look at almost every day. Each time I think ‘wow, I love that, I can’t wait to use it’. 6 months later, it remains untouched. And so, to offer up some ideas alongside actually using the palette, here I am with a video and blog post.

Look One

One Palette, 3 Looks - Romance & Jewels - Look one

The palette consists of 12 shades, each pan rectangular, attractively embossed but with no specific shade names.  The pigmentation of the shades is a little variable but mostly very good, the darker shades in particular. The texture and consistency also vary a little, with some really quite chunky and glittery. However, all blend nicely and don’t take too much effort to do so.

I think it is the fact that there are no matte shades in the palette, combined with the idea that several of the shades are quite glittery. Nights out have dwindled for me over the last few years and for day-to-day use, the colours feel a little too ‘much’. But, having owned it for quite some time, I decided that enough was enough and I needed to give it a spin.

Look Two

One Palette, 3 Looks - Romance & Jewels - Look two

Word of warning, the fallout from this palette is pretty hefty. To be fair, I could have tapped the excess off better whilst creating the looks, but I am not convinced it would have made that much of a difference. Make sure you make up your eyes before attempting your face makeup. Otherwise, you will have a significant cleanup mission on your hands.

My favourite shades are the deep colours and I absolutely love the grey-green on the middle row. This is the part where I really wish they had names.

Look Three

One Palette, 3 Looks - Romance & Jewels - Look three

RRP is £4 but currently on offer on TAM Beauty website for £3.

Do you have this palette or might you try it?

To see swatches of all of the Pro 12 palettes, check out Mikhila’s blog post.

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