The Power of Makeup

This video delivers my take on ‘The Power of Makeup’ so please do take a look. I have also included some additional thoughts in the post below, I just didn’t want the video end up being an hour long.

For me, makeup is fun. As a result, I love both the experimentation side of things and the actual process of applying makeup, but it is also very much about enhancing natural features and boosting confidence. There are different variations of this of course, and my view of the amount of makeup required to enrich my own biological landscape may be different to others. Having said that, there have been nights where I have gone to town (literally) and altered the way I look in a stronger way.

There is a lot of criticism out there related to the use of makeup and, more specifically, the reasons why individuals use it. I believe that individuals should feel free to wear makeup in a way that makes them happy and express themselves in whichever way they feel they wish to. As I am sure everyone does, I like my makeup to look flawless but more often than not, I prefer it to also be relatively minimal. Fortunately, I have reasonably good skin and although there are some pigmentation issues that I like to even out and imperfections from some pretty vicious spots over the years, I don’t tend to use vast volumes of product.

Having said that, if I had the choice of just a couple of products to ever be available to use in future, I would opt for a base product to even out my skin tone and a mascara as I find really opens up my eyes. Although the look I have created utilises more than just base and mascara, for me, I think it stays within the boundaries of ‘enhancing natural features’ rather than a complete overhaul of the way I look. To me, enhancing your own individual features is about supporting your inner self-confidence to make the best of what you have.

Power of Makeup 3

On a side note, the development of this post got me thinking about my natural tendencies with makeup and where they originated from. For example, although this look includes a bold lip, this is something that I have experimented with more liberally only in recent years. Back in the day I often used to neglect my lips completely or use shades that made my lips look smaller, and now my mind wanders back to those years of school where I was teased for having ‘big’ lips which, in my young and immature mind, would always be considered a criticism rather than a complement. Potentially as a result, I still overlook adding colour to my lips and from time to time I still ponder over whether this harps back to those days and the lasting impression that early experiences can have; or maybe I am just overthinking it…

Power of Makeup 2

The Power of Makeup

For this look, the products used were:

  • The Body Shop Oils of Life Facial Oil
  • Primark PS… Perfect Glow Primer
  • Bourjous Healthy Mix Gel Foundation in shade 51 – Light Vanilla
  • Collection Concealer in Fair
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 10
  • Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette in Radiance
  • Makeup Gallery Bronzer in Matte Light 1
  • MUA Bronzer in Shade 3
  • MUA Eyeshadow in Fudge
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Eyeliner in Black
  • L’Oreal Mascara in Extra Black
  • Tanya Burr Matte Lip in Christmas Stocking

As a result of this effort, I am considering production of a further Power of Makeup post with a look that is a bit more transformational. I like the idea of a comparison post, to highlight the variations available when it comes to cosmetics and how flexible they can be depending on your individual requirements. What do you think?


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