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Good day to you my friends. Today I have a Primark haul to share with you all… (poet!) and I have been super happy with all of these items so far! Interested to see what I got?

So this isn’t a huge haul. You see those YouTube thumbnails declaring a ‘HUGE PRIMARK HAUL’ suckering us in to see what they picked up. But not me. This is a relatively sensible, modest haul of some fab items I already love. I have a selection of cosmetics, candles clothes, and a little bit of skin care and jewellery.  I didn’t want to go to mad on this shopping trip because, as I talked about in my declutter series intro video and I am on a mission to declutter my life. It’s exciting and although I love new things and needed a few replacement items, I didn’t want to add to the mountain of decluttering ahead of me.

Items purchased:

Pink Lemonade Candle (Rhubarb & Lemon): £5

Flower Print Trousers: £7

Blue Skinny Jeans: £12

Black Skinny Jeans: £12

Gold Rush Eyeshadow Palette: £4

Amber Eyeshadow Palette: £4

Shade Adjusting Drops (Darkening): £4

My Perfect Colour Velvet Finish Foundation: £6

Honey & Royal Jelly Face Mask: £1 (Down from £3)

PS… Skin Shot Energising Sheet Mask with Lemon, Grapefruit & Carrot: £1.50

Layered Necklace: £3

Have you been to Primark recently? Did you find any bargains or star buys? What about the products I bought, have you tried any? What are your thoughts? Tell me, tell me! Pleeeeease!

For more haul videos, check out my YouTube playlist!


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