Hello everyone! Where is this year going!? Do you guys feel the same? Back in early February, I uploaded a Primark Haul. Here I showed you a beautiful warm toned palette from Primark’s beauty range. But I didn’t try it for ages whilst I got carried away with panning a palette. Alas, now is the time.

When I bought the PS… Amber Eyeshadow palette I remember wondering if it would be similar to the W7 Blazin palette. Since the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette was released (although I don’t have this one) I have been on the amber/orange bandwagon and loving it. This does, however, conflict with my pan that palette commitments to a palette that contains an array of pinks tones. Well done Amy. But still, I have tried the palette and here are my first impressions.


The individual shades were quite powdery and I experienced quite a lot of kick up when dipping the brush. As a result, I tried very hard to be careful with the colours. To my surprise, I didn’t find that the powder ended up peppering the skin under my eyes. As you can imagine, this was pleasing.

The pigmentation is impressive and this palette is not for the fainthearted. To begin with, I opted for the most neutral transition shade (Tan) and the payoff was very good. Moving onto Rust, a deeper matt brown, I found the shadows to blend easily and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. I chose to pop some additional colour into the look and used Saffron, Burnt Amber and then Mirage on the inner part of my eyelid. All of the shades I used for this look were matt with the exception of the coppery shimmer (Mirage) across the lid. This, I applied with my finger.

The finished look:

I have mentioned in previous posts that I am no makeup artist. I am self/YouTube taught only and certainly no expert in the application. With that in mind, I certainly found the palette easy to work with on the eyes. Blending seemed easy and I didn’t have to spend a great deal of time achieving the look. This experience has me excited to create more looks with the palette and to get to know it better.

In conclusion, my first impressions are great. If you bear in mind that this palette is just £4, you can potentially overlook the powdery shadows. With benefits of great pigmentation and easy to work with shadows, my only initial dislike is the pan fallout. But that’s certainly not a dealbreaker when you’re spending only £4.

So, if you like warm shades and are in the market for a highly pigmented palette, go check out Primark PS… Amber Eyeshadow Palette. In my opinion, it is definitely worth a look.



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    1. It certainly is. Primark eyeshadow is very good value for money. Thanks for the comment Sabiha, it is great to hear from fellow lovers of those warm orange tones! I love them! x

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