Hello lovely blog readers, here is a June 2018 Primark Haul for you all and today I will be showing you try on clips in the video so that you can get a better look at the items and see how things fit. So, what did I buy?


Did you see my previous Primark Haul from back in February? If so, you’ll know that I already have two pairs of these jeans. The others in black and a darker denim, I decided to pick them up in white and a lighter denim wash. I love how stretchy they are and how they fit on my legs. So, at £12 each I decided to purchase a couple more.

Soft Comfy Trousers – Black, White & Red

I never liked this style of touser when they first arrived in shops. Now, the softness has suckered me in and with a renewed perspective on the shape and fit, I love them.

Soft Comfy Trousers – Navy Polka Dot

See above but with a navy base and light polka dot print. Since buying, I have discovered that these are very thin and are slightly see-through. In addition, my pair has a little hole in the leg which I need to pop a little stitch into. But, I still love them.


A new concealer to try! This one is in the shade ivory.


A required purchase having only popped some lash primer on that morning… oops.

Nail Polish Remover Pot

I thought I would give this one a try as I love Primark’s Nail Polish Remover Pads so very much.

Liquid Eye Liner

In need of a new eyeliner, I decided to give this one a try. And so far, without hayfever issues, I like it!

Face Mask

This moisturising Avocado Sheet Mask featured in my previous Primark haul also and it Liked it so much, I decided to pick up another. Imagine my joy at the til when I find the added bonus of it being just 50p rather than the usual £1.50 price tag!

Cami Dresses

Standard Primark purchase. I have loads of these but they perish and fade so replacements required.

Beach Top

A floaty beach cover-up in a dusky salmon pink colour. I really like how this fits and it will be perfect to sling on as when you need it at the beach.


Having decluttered my shoes not too long ago, I found myself without any summery sandal. So, I was super pleased to come across these in a size 5. The only ones in a 5 I might add so I grabbed them and held tight. These also come in cream and gold, black and gold and tan and gold.

Black Flip Flops

That shoe declutter I mentioned? It also left me without any flip flops so I decided to opt for a 90p pair of black ones.

Maroon and Gold Flip Flops

And I also really liked these red and gold flip flops which I thought would look nice and a little more dressy than the black ones.

Brown Sunglasses

Another recent declutter left me with only one pair of sunglasses which are a bit loose.  So, I decided I wanted to find some new pairs and turns out I found two. These brown, ombre glasses are rimless.

Yellow Sunglasses

Pair two are yellow with reflective lenses.

Face Gems

Last but by no means least, face gems. I picked up two packs ahead of the Isle of Wight Festival this year so that I have decorative options for each day. I have never word face gems, but I am excited!

Obviously, buying new things contradicts the decluttering process that I have recently been undertaking. However, I am really happy with the things I have bought and the new items fill a gap left by my declutter. If you fancy, you can check out my Youtube Declutter Playlist.




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