As a reader of my blog, you may be aware that I am on a weight loss journey. As part of this, I have a weekly Food Friday series that focuses on my progress, including the ups and downs. I started this particular attempt back and March with a view to feeling better about myself by summer. Well, here we are. It is now that time of year where there is a lot more focus on body image and with there being much talk of getting “bikini ready” we can all feel a pressure to conform to what society would say is the ideal image.

However, whilst on my own plan to get fit and healthy, my life has changed a lot in the last few years. Gone are many of my unhealthy habits and I can really feel the benefit of a healthier lifestyle. The reality is if you feel happy in your skin and confident in how you look then you can feel incredible. So, how can you look and feel your best without the need for taking on some extreme diet or huge exercise regime and routine?  I wanted to share some thoughts on some of the things that I have experienced and the ways to achieve it.


Eating the right things and feeling happy in your own skin

One of the first things to consider is how you feel in your own body. It doesn’t matter what size you are, it is all about how you feel and if you feel confident in your appearance. If you are unhappy then take the steps to get to where you want to be. You could read these top weight loss tips to help you on your way to losing some weight, if that is what you want to do and, as I mentioned, you can follow my own progress through my Food Friday content. Often, it is all about getting the right balance when it comes to the diet you have. A balanced diet can really help you make the most of the food and nutrients you are getting and nourishing your body with what it needs to function.

The other side of it is to consider your body and what it likes. I have spent years trying to understand my body and have finally come to realise which foods it likes and finds easy to process This in itself has helped me to lose weight and feel better within myself.


Taking care of your skin

Your skin is an important thing to take care of one and there are many ways to support it over time. A decent skincare routine and sensible sun care choices go a long way to looking after the skin you have.  We can all struggle with things like adult acne or breakouts every now and again, but eating the right things and having the right products on hand to cleanse and hydrate can make all of the difference to your confidence and how you look.


Getting more sleep

Sleep is one of those things we all need more of, isn’t it? Although we all need differing amounts, we all need it. I need a lot but I think everyone would agree that a few extra hours would be nice. However, with no more hours in the day to spare what could you do to get more sleep? It isn’t always about the amount of sleep and can be more about the quality of sleep. Ditching the tech before bed, relaxing and finding ways to relax can get your body ready for sleep so that you can fall into slumber swiftly and deeply. It could make a real difference in how you look and also give your energy levels a boost.

Having a positive mindset

This is such an important point. I know lots of people who might scoff at the idea but looking on the bright side can do wonders for how you feel. Your mind is one of the biggest assets you have in terms of feelings and if you can get it on the right track things are going to feel much sweeter. With a negative outlook, we inevitably find ourselves feeling far from our best. I can vouch for this. Work on your outlook and mindset and try and focus on your thought process. It can have you changing the way you feel in no time at all.


Drinking plenty of water

When it comes to how you look and feel there is one natural product many of us don’t utilise enough. That, my friends, is water. It is a natural detox and so drinking your recommended intake of water each day can really make the difference to how you feel on the inside and the out. Nobody is trying to say that this is easy. However, water can have a positive effect on your energy levels, your mood and also your skin tone and condition. Helping to eradicate bad toxins that can be the cause of spots and breakouts.

Dressing for your body shape

Maybe you want to work on your overall appearance and one thing that can be an instant confidence booster is dressing for your body shape and enjoying the clothes you love. Finding the right cut of clothing that suits your figure can transform the way you look. No matter what your body shape there are cuts and fits that will make you look and feel fabulous. You remember Trinny and Susanna? Well, I was a Susanna and I would often agree with their choices. It really can make a difference. Do a bit of research and find a shape and style that you love.


Stepping out of your comfort zone with things like hair and makeup

Finally, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with things like hair and makeup. It isn’t just the clothes that you wear that makes and outfit and your overall appearance glam. Try out different makeup techniques and maybe try something different with your hair. Give yourself some time to practice with new looks and styles. There are a million YouTube videos containing inspiration for makeup and hair looks. Branch out, that’s how I got into YouTube in the first place!


With all that said, I very much hope that these tips help you to look and feel your best. As I always say, depending on what you believe, you only get one life so don’t spend it unhappy. Make the best of everything and find ways to feel good every day.


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