Simple and Easy Birthday Card Ideas

I mentioned in a recent vlog that I like to make cards. I make all sorts; birthday cards, baby cards, good luck cards, Christmas cards and anniversary cards. Mostly it seems I end up making birthday cards because everyone has a birthday and many of us celebrate the day.


For me, I just enjoy making cards and the homemade variety adds a personal touch to the message that you are sending. As a regular YouTube viewer, I have also looked for videos such as this. So, I thought I would record how I do it to help others who are looking for simple ideas.  I say simple because my cards are always relatively simple. There is a tendency I have to get fed up creating cards that are too elaborate. Too long and I get bored so I prefer to make quick, simple and clean designs.


I have used a range of tools within this video, which I have collected over the years. A heat tool and embossing powder, pens and a guillotine type paper cutter. I have received some of these things as gifts but they are just standard tools you can pick up relatively cheaply online or in craft stores. You can also find a lot of the things I use in discount stores, particularly things such as the double-sided sticky tape which I use for almost every card.

I use a lot of peel off stickers in my designs because They give a professional feel to the look of the card and are super easy, particularly for adding the greeting element. I do have a number of stamps that I use too and these will probably feature in future videos.

In terms of this video, I haven’t been particularly specific about the creations. The designs are flexible and can easily be adapted if you wanted to change the theme or colours. I anticipate this video more as inspiration rather than instructional because they are so straightforward, as you will see.



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