Might you be interested in this beautiful set of enamel pins? Well, the company behind this giveaway are celebrating new additions to their collection by giving away these 3 pins. I particularly like the black one. It makes me feel all Beyonce-like. Know what I mean?

To explain…

A little while back, I was watching a Lily Pebbles vlog and found her showing us some pillowcases she and Rich have on their bed. Crisp white pillowcases with black text, one saying ‘Big Spoon’ and the other saying ‘Little Spoon’. Listening to her got me thinking about whether I am the big or little spoon and, as I thought the designs were cute, I checked out the link she had included. You can check them out here.

On clicking the link, I found myself on the beautiful website of a company called Old English Company. The site displays a wide range of items available including pillowcases, mugs, stationery and prints. One of their prints states that ‘there is beauty in simplicity’ and for me, this sums the Old English Company up in one go. Non-fussy, clean designs which add a touch of class and style.

One of my favourite sections to peruse is the Art Prints. An abundance of simple, cute prints sits before you, with an array of motivational quotes and attractive designs to choose from. With a huge variety available, if I could afford to do so and lived in the biggest house in the world, I would honestly buy most of the collection. They fit right in with the current trend of light walls and furniture, with simple but charming designs to add zest and feel good vibes.

The Competition…

Anyway, imagine my glee when I was contacted to ask if I would be interested in promoting a giveaway they currently have available. Well, absolutely! With such gorgeous designs across the board, the more people who have the chance to peruse their designs, then the more happy room designers and stationary addicts we might have in the world. As I mentioned, this giveaway relates to the company’s collection of enamel pins. Should this tickle your fancy, then you can check out the whole collection. There is even enamel pin display flag available if you are looking to keep them all together.

To enter, just check their competition page for the simple rules, submit your entry and keep those fingers crossed.

This post is in collaboration with Old English Company. For more information, check out my disclaimer.

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