Skinade – Trial and Review

Hello, and welcome to my review of skinade, a product claiming ‘better skin from within’. The lovely team at skinade kindly sent me a trial of the product and I have been supping away at the peach and mangosteen flavoured drink to test its effectiveness. And now that the trial is over, here is my review:

First impressions

The presentation of the box was gorgeous and upon receipt, I felt impressed with how much product I had received. Especially since the lovely people at skinade had sent me a 40 days supply rather than the 30 that had been agreed.

The beautiful box contained 4 larger boxes, each containing 5 bottles of the drink, and 2 smaller boxes, each containing 10 days of travel-friendly sachets that you mix with water. Skinade is sold in supplies of 30, 60 or 90 days


My skin

Generally, my skin is pretty good. During the summer months, I don’t need much in the way of additional support other than regular moisturiser. However, it does dry out as the year progresses and the temperatures drop. Especially as the winter germs appear and strike me down with the usual sniffles. For me, I notice it most across my nose, cheeks and then between and just above my eyebrows. This happens without fail every year and the normal skin care options just don’t do enough.

I found it quite easy to fit skinade into my day to day and it is a nice drink. At 35 calories per serving, one such as me who follows slimming world, can include it within our daily syn value at a maximum of two syns. It might not be any but without consulting a Slimming World consultant, I need to consider the worst case scenario.


I’m not sure I noticed much of a change in my hair and although my nails did break a couple of times during the trial, I noticed that they seemed to grow back srprisingly quickly. I don’t know if that is me not having much time awareness or the skinade support revitalising the rate of growth…

In terms of my skin… well…

As I mentioned, my skin gets dry at this time of year. However, much to my surprise, that didn’t happen. Not even during the 3 ( yes three!!) bouts of illness I have had since starting the trial. I couldn’t believe it. The only time my skin became dry is during my recovery from the most recent cold cough and flu-like illness I have had. I can only assume that is because I have run out of the product. I am still using the same skin care as before and during the trial, and the dryness has returned in the usual places. The only thing that is different is that the skinade trial is over and I have consumed my stash. To me this is a pretty good indication of how supportive skinade is and how beneficial it has been for my skin.

A few additional bits of information, I didn’t take the Skinade drinks every day without fail. There were fails. Not intentionally, I’m just a bit scatty and forgot. But, I didn’t notice a difference when I missed a day or two. I just continued on when I remembered and everything was fine. The great thing about this is that you could probably extend the duration without much impact on the results. Sure, for maximum benefit you should follow the guidelines and consume every day as directed but if you need to eek it out a little, there is potential.

So for me, this product was fantastic for my skin. It is such a lovely feeling to have your skin feeling hydrated and protected against dryness. As a product, skinade is somewhat pricey, but wonderful. Thank you to Skinade for allowing me to try out the product. When the time comes that I actually earn a bit of money from this blogging/vlogging malarkey I would absolutely consider purchasing it for some extra support during the winter months.

Should you decide to give it a try, you can buy skinade via their website: Here you can also find out all about skinade, the benefits and even a page of FAQs. Worth a read if you fancy learnig about a product aimed at improving your skin. Nothing has ever worked for me in the way skinade has so I can wholeheartedly recommend.

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