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Ok, so it has only been a couple of days but I am no longer in the rut. *cheers and waves arms around*. I am back in the game and it feels gooooood.

Slimming World - Back in the game - Meal Planning

I have spent the last week gorging on high syn food, sipping prosecco and being lethargic when it comes to cardiac activity. However, at the same time, I have been planning meals, organising the food shopping and getting myself back into the Slimming World mindset.

It has come to my attention that my Slimming World Instagram posts tail off when I am not on plan. Although my rut has been ongoing for a while, this is something that I have noticed, particularly in the last couple of weeks. Happily, I feel excited about sharing my journey on Instagram again, getting creative with recipes and arranging delicious pictures of the results.

I have a pretty new food diary to record my daily intake and track my progress. This, I bought online from The Calorie Club at a cost of £7.95. I intend to create a separate post related to food diaries, so stay tuned for that. For now, I will say that The Calorie Club produce lovely diaries with bright and inspiring front cover designs. In addition, they offer variations to the internal design, catering to a number of popular slimming strategies. You can pick these up from the website or via their ebay shop.

New Slimming World Food Diary

Slimming World - Back in the game - New Diary

As I mentioned last week, the sun coming out can often help me to get back into the swing of things. Yes, the temptation of sitting out in beautiful weather with an ice cold glass of wine can be tricky to navigate, but for some reason, the sun inspires a lighter, lower carb, approach to life.

I have also finally faced my fears and got back on the scales. To my pleasant surprise, I am back to that borderline weight and so have 21.25lbs to lose. I say pleasant as I suspected worse, but whilst a shame to have undone all of the previous hard work, this is where things are.

So, I have 10 weeks until the Isle of Wight Festival which gives me a bit of fear. Generally the weather is a bit iffy but, on the odd occasion, it is hot, sunny and begs you to bare some skin.


So the challenge is on. How much can I lose before then? Would you set yourself goals at this stage? Interim goals and/or an overall target? I think I will aim for 1lb per week as a sensible and realistic target to aim for.

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