So, we all need a sweet treat now and again and, for me, this one satisfies a pretty severe craving. For just 6 syns this is a taste sensation. Bit of banana, a bit of fudge (one of my faves!) some whipped cream and a crunchy meringue next. ‘Put it all together and what have we got?’ (anyone remember that kid’s programme?)

Banana Fudge Meringue Nests

Usually, in my recipes, you will find me creating low syn alternatives to things such as pizza and curry. However, as I mentioned above, sometimes, just sometimes, my sweet tooth really kicks in. One day, I randomly happened to create this lovely little pile of taste, so I thought it would only be fair to pass on the info

You will need:

  • Meringue nest (Usually 2.5 syns)

  • 10g Fudge (I got my little packet of fudge from the baking section in Aldi – 5g is 1 syn so 10g will be 2 syns in total)

  • Banana

  • 12g Reduced Fat Aerosol Cream (1.5 syns)

Banana Fudge Meringue Nests


This recipe is so easy. It is also really quick, so when you find your sweet tooth screaming for satisfaction, it only takes a minute or to whip this together.

Start with a meringue nest and pop it onto a plate or into a bowl. You will need to weigh out 12g of aerosol cream so if you have convenient way to do so, then great! I place the plate and meringue on my scales and squirt the cream into the dip in the meringue nest. This keeps things looking tidy.

Banana Fudge Meringue Nests

Slice the banana into rounds. I like to slice each round into 4 as I find the whole banana slice a bit cumbersome for this dessert. Pop the banana triangles on top of (and squish them into) the aerosol cream, and arrange a few around the nest.

Sprinkle the little fudge squares over the top and again let a few drops to fall around the outside of the nest.

And that’s it! Tuck in. I like to eat mine with a spoon. This way, it lasts a little longer and I feel more like a classy bird. Also, you need to consume this relatively quickly as the cream dissolves… any excuse right?

As a final thought, if you have additional syns left for the day, you could pop on some Chocshot for half a syn per teaspoon!


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