Slimming World – Deja Vu

What did I say last week in my Slimming World – Smaller Milestones post? I specifically said I didn’t want to be marking 3 brown boxes on my Countdown Tool. And there they are… Three. Brown. Boxes. Grrr…

Slimming World - Deja Vu - Countdown

Still, as with last week, the three brown boxes do not mean three completely off plan days so all is not lost. And, as always with my Tuesday posts, we are into a fresh week with a fresh opportunity to make a difference.

Pesto Pasta n Sauce with M&S Prawns & Salad

Slimming World - Deja Vu - Pasta, Prawns & Salad

Slimming World - Deja Vu - Saturday Night Feast

All week I have been motivated and looking forward to my planned, off-plan evening meals on Friday and Saturday. When it came to the weekend, during the day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was a Slimming World angel. But in the evening, well… Friday was Pizza and Saturday was a selection of tapas-like food. Over there to the right is a little pic of that gorgeous Saturday night feast.

Then, on Sunday, homemade burgers and fries were on the menu, cooked on the barbeque and consumed outside in the sunshine. The syns would have been too far from the daily allowance had it not been for the cinema pick and mix station… Still, I had too many and I must take responsibility for my actions.

Homemade Burgers

Slimming World - Deja Vu - Burger, Fries & Salad

Result: Just half a lb off this week but better than a maintain or worse, gaining weight!

Although just a small loss this week, I have had some great days on the Slimming World plan. If I do say so myself, there have been some fab evening meals produced and perfected with my own bare hands. Additionally, there have been a couple of body magic walks thrown in. Evidence of these can be seen below, demonstrated by this beautiful image. This was taken around about 9pm, as the sun set over our beautiful island.

Slimming World - Deja Vu - Sunset

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