Slimming World FAIL! What I Eat In A Day

So today’s post is all about when a ‘What I Eat In A Day’ goes wrong.

It started out relatively well. I have been suffering from a disgusting cough but I was up about in the morning with a cup of tea and a smile on my face. But something was up. The cough was making my throat feel all catchy and watery and it was tiring to always need to clear your throat yet never achieve it. Nothing seemed to work.


I set about making scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast. I even added a squiggle of brown sauce and chomped it down. Great stuff, healthy extra B choice, tick and syn free eggs. Just a couple of syns for the brown sauce. Yet, I felt icky. Do any of you find that with scrambled eggs? I’m not sure why it happens but scrambled eggs just make me feel that way. This has developed over a long period of time but I always think it is a phase that will wear off. It never does. And so, that experience was my last one with scrambled eggs. I don’t seem to be able to terminate my body’s response in that way so scrambled eggs are wiped from my life menu.


BBQ Pork Fillet right? Wrong… it wasn’t defrosted enough so I opted for a pasta n sauce with extra veg for speed. I chose the tomato, onion and herb Batchelor’s version (1 syn), chopped up some green pepper and onion and cooked it in the microwave in my gorgeous heart shaped bowl. The bowl is from Home Bargains don’t you know but I think it may have been part of their valentine’s offering. Anyway, something was up. Lunch was bland and disatisfying, although it quietened the tummy grumbles.

Then things went awry…

At some point in the afternoon, I developed a sweet craving. This isn’t unusual for me and normally I can stave it off with a couple of sweet treats and a cuppa. Today was different. I was beginning to feel worse and my mood had taken a nose dive. A short time later I found myself laying on the bed watching YouTube videos about how to play Fortnite. As I looked up, I spied the Terry’s Chocolate Orange segment wrappers littered around me. The day was done. I packed up the remaining segments and shoved the box back into the cupboard out of sight. ‘It’s ok’ I consoled myself. Tomorrow was a new day. Let’s just pretend it didn’t happen and get back to basics.


I must be ill. How could I not want some dinner? I even cooked dinner for my boyfriend and still didn’t want any. This is when we know things are bad. Amy not having dinner these days is like the appearance of a shooting star. Very, very rare. And so I didn’t. I fell asleep on the sofa, got up, brushed my teeth and got into bed. A very strange day.

So, in the interest of transparency and authenticity, I thought I would share this part of my Slimming World Journey with you all. What was intended to be a helpful ‘here is what I eat in a day to help me lose weight’ video, turned out not to be. This is the life I lead and it doesn’t always go to plan!

Happily, that was yesterday as I write this and today I am feeling much better. My cough is still as bad but I seem to feel more positive about it. Hormones I guess. And so, I have today decided to go for the menu I had planned for yesterday and will film it as I go. Tune in next Friday for egg on toast that isn’t scrambled, BBQ pork fillet and salad for lunch and then an experimental salt and pepper chicken for dinner! Yum! Can’t wait! My appetite is back!

For more What I Eat In A Day content that should actually be helpful, you can check out my What I Eat In A Day YouTube Playlist or the Slimming World section of this website.

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