What I eat in a day. Today I thought I would share my Fish Friday menu with you. This is a typical day for me and one which sits well within one of my phases…

The phase I am in at the moment is one where I am struggling with enthusiasm for breakfast. Do you ever feel that way? I just can’t be bothered. I get up and crack on with work and I wish I didn’t have to eat to quieten my stomach. This is in stark contrast to other days when I can’t stop thinking about food and cooking and eating are things I look forward to.

As a result, I didn’t have breakfast. My stomach started calling at around 11am and I found myself frustrated at not being able to decide what to go for. Then, I had a little revelation…

Leftover in the fridge from a meal a couple of evenings ago was a little bowl. Inside, a rich mix of tomatoes and vegetables awaits. Thick in consistency, this would be perfect for a lunch I haven’t had in a while.

Pizza Toasts

I love these. So yes, the leftover tomato sauce was from some pork pizza melts I made just recently. They were really great also I might add. And with leftovers to make pizza toasts, life is good. This simple lunch is easy to make, really tasty and rather satisfying when you’re missing pizza like I do. Fill up with a side of salad for extra speed and you have a great meal.



Smoked Haddock Risotto

Oh yes. I will be making this again. After looking forward to this one all week, I was worried the pressure may get to me. However, it was super delicious and tasty. One point to note, watch out for little bones if buying Aldi’s smoked haddock fillets. I also added some leftover veg from the fridge for flavour. I chopped leeks, mushrooms and french beans which cooked down nicely as the risotto warmed and soaked up all of the lovely stock. Well worth a try, this one.

So how is your Slimming World journey going? Are you finding yourself sticking to plan? It’s a great feeling when you can and I am embracing my current levels of enthusiasm and willpower!

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